5 Ways To Detox From Your 2017 Year-End Debauchery

Karishma Govil , 04 Jan 2018
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No points for guessing the most common New Year resolution…right? Everyone starts the year wanting to be healthy, but how many of us actually go through with even a week of it? Let’s remedy that, shall we?
To kick-start a fit and healthy 2018, let’s start by purging the toxicity of the last year with the top 5 ways to achieve the ultimate detox that will also aid in shedding that excess holiday weight.

1. Detox Teas

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Tea (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

The most used and effective way to detox is green tea. These contains antioxidants that help to flush out all the toxins that you’ve accumulated in your body over a weekend, or in this case, the Christmas to New Year’s Eve week-long debauchery. There are so many brands you could choose from, like Tea Trunk, Gardner Street Tea, and many more.

2. Detox Water

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Detox water (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

Detox water was the most popular health trend of 2017. It’s basically replacing your normal water intake with a bottle of infused water. This infused water could be a mix of many different fruits or vegetables. The simplest way to do this would be to buy a special water-infusing bottle that is available on any online portal. Fill it halfway with ice and top it up with water. Add fruits like oranges, limes, or vegetables like cucumber, and voila! Sip it through the day, replacing the water every few hours and you’re good to go!

3. Detox Juices

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Juices (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

Detox juices help with weight loss, improving skin, lowering blood sugar levels, and many more such benefits. There are many different types of these juices that you could consume. From different vegetables like cucumber, spinach, celery, carrots and beets to fruits like apples, limes, oranges, berries, and pineapples, all of them have some major benefits. If you’re too lazy to juice these every day, you can even order readymade ones online from Raw Pressery or Farm Fresh.

4. Basil Seeds

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Basil Seeds (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

Basil seeds or sajba is ideal for a detox. It contains amazing amounts of antioxidants that help in digestion and detoxification. It protects the body from bacteria and yeast that could cause infections. It also helps with constipation.

5. Yoga And Exercise

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Yoga (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

Yoga has so many benefits. It increases flexibility, helps with losing weight, maintains mental harmony, and is a great medium of detox. The physical activity that yoga entails ensures that you sweat out all the toxins from the late-night parties you’ve been going to. Other ways of sweating it out would be going for a walk, crossfit, going to the gym, or even some easy exercises you could do at home.

So be the first one from your gang to actually go through a 30-day detox and we promise that you will see visible changes.
#ProTip: Create a calendar on your phone/desktop to remind you to follow this religiously. Are you up for the challenge?

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