"I Love That Girl" - Priyank Sharma Opens Up About His Relationship With Benafsha Soonawalla

Divya Rao , 04 Jan 2018

Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla have been friends for a while now and the two were extremely supportive of each other during their time in the house. So much, that their closeness was often misunderstood and rumours of his then girlfriend Divya Agarwal getting upset started doing the rounds but she soon clarified saying she knows that the two are best friends. In her last couple of days, the two had a nasty fight after she tried to get into his bed and Priyank got upset because he felt people would misunderstand their closeness.

Post her eviction, Ben cleared the air saying that Priyank is her best friend and while she may be mad at him, it’s only temporary. She went back to supporting him on social media and asked fans to vote for him. Post his exit, Priyank spoke about his equation with her.

Benafsha and me have a beautiful relationship, we pull each other’s leg. Voh hum masti-mazak karte hain. I know it has been portrayed like she was after me but let me now say it, I love Benafsha Soonawalla more than you love me girl. I have earned her in this show though I know her since beginning. There is nothing wrong with me and Ben. I love Ben. There are certain text messages which I was supposed to (respond to), because she has gone to Thailand as she was not expecting that I will be out of the house. Use pata hota toh wo rukti (If she knew, she would have stayed back). There are absolutely no differences, if she were here, I would have called her here. I love that girl, she loves me back. She is an amazing and a heck of a friend of mine. That’s what it is.

Awww! “But she’s your best friend ya!” We’re glad that all’s well in the hood.

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