Karan Johar's Twitter Resolutions For 2018 Are Unabashedly Honest!

Sukriti Gumber , 04 Jan 2018
Karan Johar

We all make New Year resolutions only to break them later and start all over again the year after that. It’s an age old practice, and every first day of January, we convince ourselves that this year is going to be different. However, I sincerely hope you and I actually fulfil those resolutions in 2018 and finally get fit/start reading books/quit smoking/travel more/save money or whatever it is that you intend to do.

Karan Johar also has a bunch of resolutions this new year, exclusively for Twitter. He took to social media to declare what he has pledged for this year and it ranges from sweet to unabashed honesty.

Check them out here:

Haha! Here’s hoping you stick to them, KJo!

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