There’s A Netflix Documentary On Popular ‘Sexpert’ Dr. Mahinder Watsa

There’s A Netflix Documentary On Popular ‘Sexpert’ Dr. Mahinder Watsa

Shreemi Verma

Dr. Mahinder Watsa is one of the most popular names in the country. The sexpert, who gives regularly gives advice to clueless Indians who don’t know what to do in bed, is the subject of a Netflix documentary simply titled – Ask the Sexpert. The 92-year-old sexologist who revolutionized the country by answering questions on sex that range from asking what the “correct length” of a penis is, to a man saying that his wife likes to urinate in the tea she serves to guests, Dr. Watsa has managed to answer them all.

Directed by Vaishali Sinha, this documentary was made over a span of 4 years. The feature is an entertaining insight into the life of Dr. Watsa and his hilarious, sarcastic and often deadpan answers to the wide range of questions have. Indians have always shied away from discussing sexual health and desires.

The documentary discusses the rise of Dr. Watsa’s popularity, especially amongst women, who have never been encouraged to talk about this subject matter. As popular stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal summed it up –

There’s something non-threatening about discussing sex with a 92-year-old.

He really is the best.

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