VIDEO: Akriti Kakkar's Latest Song Is For Every Cool Bride With A Swag!

Sukriti Gumber , 09 Jan 2018

Almost every bride I know has a playlist of songs to be played in the background during her wedding. Correct me if I am wrong, but there’s a song for every moment – right from the entry to the vidaai. Also, this playlist is ever expanding. If one is already married, it will come in handy for the BFF or sister next in line, so it’s quite important that it’s always up to date.

Akriti Kakkar recently lent her voice to #SwagWaliBride, a fresh take on the popular Punjabi folk song, Saada Chidiyaan Da Chamba. It’s for all the cool, independent, fun, respectful & cultured girls who also have oodles of swag – which is all of us, in short!

Check it out here:

And don’t forget to add it to your ‘special’ playlist!

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