Rithvik Dhanjani Opens Up About Leaving Super Dancer Chapter 2!

Rithvik Dhanjani Opens Up About Leaving Super Dancer Chapter 2!

Sukriti Gumber
Rithvik Dhanjani

Rithvik Dhanjani is one of my favourite reality show host/anchor/actor on the small screen. He lends his wit & charm to every act, which makes it a treat to watch him. Add Karan Wahi to the equation and you have 2 cute boys entertaining you – what more does one want?!

The boys will soon be seen together, hosting India’s Next Superstar. However, before that Rithvik had to bid goodbye to his show, Super Dancer Chapter 2, which he has been hosting since 2 seasons. The channel decided to extend the show this month, but the actor had already committed to India’s Next Superstar for January. Therefore, he could not continue his streak as the show’s host.

Talking about his exit, Rithvik said:

Yeah, I am unfortunately not able to continue with Super Dancer and I am going to really, really miss the show. Of course, I am really happy for that show (India’s Next Superstar) as well, but Super Dancer has been such a close part of my life. It’s such a beautiful and popular show, and it’s like family, I have been there for 2 seasons. So you know, suddenly leaving it midway is so awkward. But commitment is commitment!

Seeing his passion towards anchoring, one will assume Rithvik prefers it to acting. But, does he?

No, I don’t, honestly speaking. It is funny that it comes from me because the point is I don’t get good scripts to act on but I get great shows to host. You know I had rather do good stuff and wait for the right script for me to act on, because I don’t want to act for the heck of acting in a show. So I really want to wait for the right script, for the right show or the right film or anything that comes to me. But acting will always remain my first love.

Rithvik is more than happy that Jay Bhanushali will step in his shoes and host the show now onwards.

I think Jay has been there, he is a seasoned anchor. He has been an anchor since before I was in the industry. He’s got a lot of experience. If Wahi (Karan Wahi) was there, I would have really hoped that Wahi would have done it, but he is luckily here with me. I am really happy it’s going to an anchor who knows how to handle a show. I am glad it’s in safe hands and it’s gonna be taken care of very nicely.

So who is his favourite host? (apart from himself, of course!)

I really like Manish, I have learnt a lot from him. Manish is amazing – honestly everything said & done – he’s done so much & all of us have watched and learnt so much from him. He is not just good at it, he is amazing!

Aww, that’s sweet! Looking forward to see this hottie slay as a host yet again!