Karan Johar's Daughter Roohi Is Showing Some Love To Her Brother Yash In This Adorable New Photo!

Shreemi Verma , 13 Jan 2018
Karan Johar with Roohi & Yash

It’s a universally accepted fact that Karan Johar‘s babies Roohi and Yash are adorable. Like there cannot be any point of contention on that. But, if you are one of those people who don’t agree with the above statement, well, then this photo will change your mind. Check it out!

Sister love!!!!❤️

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How is it even legal to be this cute? Yash and Roohi are not just great babies though, their presence has also helped Karan patch up with his best friend-turned foe-turned-friend again – Kajol. It was a photo of the twins Kajol ‘liked’ on Instagram and seeing that, Karan started following her again on social media. That my friends, is the power of the Internet (and of cute babies, of course). We hope he keeps giving us glimpses of his precious children on a regular basis ?

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