When it comes to makeup, Pat McGrath is the undisputed Queen. Not only is she one of the best makeup artists in the world, but is also the proud owner of her eponymous beauty brand. After successfully launching an array of products (including a luxurious lip balm!), she’s back with a whole load of new launches.

The first release comes in the form of an eye shadow palette. Called Mothership IV: Decadence, this kit features a range of jewel-toned shades, with a diamond-like sparkle. Like all her previous launches, the shadows have a velvety texture and vivid pigmentation. The shades vary from gold and copper, to cerulean and crimson.

The next launch features 11 new shades of the LUST: MatteTrance Lipsticks. The colour range veers from nude and pink, to wine and red. Our favourites of the lot are ‘Faux Pas’, a mid-tone lavender, and ‘Candy Flip’, a bright coral. Like the other lipsticks in the line, each of these promise to be creamy, lightweight and opaque.

Although these products qualify as a splurge – Mothership IV retails for $125, whilst the MatteTrance Lipsticks are for $38 each, the quality of these will definitely be unparalleled. So, mark your calendars for January 18th cause these are bound to sell out soon!

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