The Creepiest Nail Art We've Seen

Jyotika Udeshi , 15 Jan 2018

We’re all for nail art. From easy chevrons to detailed drawings, we love how these works of art transform our nails. However, we recently came across one that scared the life out of us!

Nail Sunny, a nail art chain in Russia, has created tips featuring 3D eyeballs, complete with lashes and makeup. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, the eyeballs actually move and blink!

Although it does look freaky, this nail art actually require a ton of work to replicate. The salon first drilled a hole in the nails to create space. Next, they placed the plastic eyeball into a socket. With the help of a metal rod, they passed the eyeball through. This rod is the one that causes the blinking movement. The final touches were given by adding false lashes and applying eye shadow.

Whilst here’s no doubt that this nail art is weird and extra, we can (maybe) see ourselves trying it out for Halloween. What about you?

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