Finding Your Perfect Brow Shape Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Natasha Patel , 16 Jan 2018

Whether you’re a makeup artist or a layman, anyone can tell you that with a good set of eyebrows, you’re beauty look is the literal definition of fleek. Meaning, your eyes look wider, your skin looks brighter, and your smize looks well, bolder. And whether you wax or tweeze your brows, a good brow tool is an essential.

Now, if there’s one beauty product I’ve been addicted to since I started getting pocket money, would be Benefit Cosmetics’ eyebrow pencil. Over the years I’ve witnessed the transformation of their packaging, and the transformation of my brows. With  countless Brow Bars around the country and world, and with a new brow collection that launched in June 2016, Benefit Cosmetics is a lifetime investment.

Oh, and good news ladies, that investment just got a whole lot easier to fester. Benefit created an augmented reality tool, Brow Try-On (how apt) where you can decide what brow style looks and works best for your face shape.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to experiment and wondered what a straighter, thicker, lighter, or darker brow would look on you, don’t play around with your real brows or buy unnecessary products—Just use this app!

The tool launches today and it’s quite exciting and revolutionary, don’t you think?

Benefit Virtual Brow Try-On
Benefit Virtual Brow Try-On

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Benefit Cosmetics homepage: here
  • Select 3D Live and upload your selfie
  • Pick a brow style to “try on”
  • Customise it by adjusting shade, arch, thickness, definition and placement
  • Select “Get the Brow” to see what products are used
  • Book your brow service

Can you think of a fastest way to a magical transformation your arches? I think not!

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