10 Beauty Resolutions You Need To Make For 2018

Prashansa Daniell , 17 Jan 2018

These resolutions are for the ladies and gentlemen who cannot keep a New Year’s resolution for more than 10 days (cause I am one of those). It can be easy starting a new habit but maintaining it is the hard part. Here are a few simple and doable resolutions to level up your beauty game this new year!

1. Drink More Water

Water shouldn’t be something that you drink only when you’re thirsty, this 2018 train your body and mind to consume water for more than this reason. As it not only drains your body of toxins but it also leaves your skin feeling plush and pretty; so don’t forget to hydrate up!

2. Do A Monthly Detox

Let’s admit it, with the kind of junk we put into our bodies, we should be detoxing more, but once a month is an ideal place to begin. Detox waters, teas, juice cleanses and more; there are a plethora of ways to rid your body of toxins that make you feel bloated and unhealthy. Make sure to repeat this process monthly and it’ll have you feeling light and energetic.

3. Splurge On A Base

While we understand that makeup tends to lay a heavy load on our wallets, your base is one product you should not hold back the bucks for. Foundation is, (as the word suggests) what the rest of your makeup is built on. So splurge on a good quality foundation that will give you a flawless finish.

4. Let Your Skin Breathe Once A Week

As true makeup junkies ourselves, we cannot step out of the house without a generous coat of mascara, a well-tinted lippie or even a thin line of kajal. Just like our bodies need the detox, our skin needs it, too. Make sure to let your skin breathe at least once a week. Fit in a face mask sesh or cleanse and tone your face for that extra glow.

5. Learn A New Beauty Technique

A huge part of making new year resolutions involves learning new things. If you love all things makeup, resolve to learn a new beauty technique this year. It may be the Kim K-inspired contouring or the whacky eyebrow trend that took over 2017; whatever it may be, trust us when we say you’ll have fun changing up your beauty game.

6. Organize Your Makeup

We’re guilty of mixing our mascaras with our eyeliners, contour palettes with our eyeshadows, our makeup brushes with beauty blenders — the list is almost unending! Rushing in the morning can cause this chaos on your dresser but, this year, resolve to keep your makeup on their respective shelves and make sure it stays that way.

7. Wash Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

A lot of germs and dust can settle on used makeup brushes/sponges. Considering that these go on directly to your skin, you have got to make sure that you wash them regularly to avoid any infections that could occur.

8. Take Off Your Makeup Every Night

We cannot stress this enough! Sleeping with your makeup on = SO much trouble. It causes your skin to age faster, makes it more susceptible to breakouts, makes your lips chap and leaves your skin dry. Promise yourself better skin this year by always, always taking your makeup off before bed.

9. Begin A Night Routine

It could be as simple as rubbing your face with ice cubes before bed and applying a generous amount of moisturizer. Or you could use a night repair cream or serum for your face.

10. Increase The Use Of Home Remedies

Whether it’s getting rid of pimples, bringing back the shine in your hair or simple rejuvenating your skin Ghar Ke nuske, will always come to our rescue above a lot of other products from the market. Let 2018 be the year where you find skin and hair solutions in your own kitchen.

Which of these resolutions will you be making in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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