7 Funny AF Videos To Help Brighten Up Your Day

Atmaj Vyas , 18 Jan 2018
LOL! : Image Courtesy Shutterstock
LOL! : Image Courtesy Shutterstock

We can all agree that the internet is a strange and beautiful place. And one sometimes comes across something so hilarious that it leaves you gasping for air. While the internet has given us several ‘viral’ gems in the past years, there are always more that crop up and have us rolling on the floor laughing.

So here are some of the videos from the darkest corners of Youtube that will brighten up your day with laughter!

1. Dancing Cow Mascot

It’s a dancing cow! Do you need more reasons to watch it? Well in case you said yes to that question, the way the person in the suit dances is beyond epic and completely hilarious. If you need some inspiration to dance like no one’s watching, here you go!

2. Campus Party

What’s better than one dancing cow, you ask? The answer: MANY dancing cows! If you don’t laugh your a#$ off, you’re probably made of stone.

3. Army Of Whaaaaat?

It’s an army of Pikachus marching through the streets of Japan. Nuff said.

4. Bad Lip Reading

Ever looked at 2 people talking and played the ‘Guess what they’re saying’ game? Well, let’s solve that with some lip reading gone wrong!

5. Fails of Epic Proportions

Think you’re having a bad day? Think again! Albeit cynical, there’s something reassuring in knowing that you’re not the only one going through a crappy day. After all, misery does love company!

6. Cats And Cucumbers Don’t Go Hand-In-Hand

In this epic battle between cats and cucumbers, who will win? We will! Because its effin’ hilarious! Just like that it’s proven yet again that cats are the most entertaining creatures ever.

7. Man’s Goofiest Best Friends

Dogs truly are the best gift to mankind. So here’s some adorable little mutts arguing with their hoomans.

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Did you crack up? Are you laughing like a hyena? Tell us which video you loved the most and if there are more that should’ve been added to our list. Remember laugh a little and love a little!

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