"That Is Absolutely A Big No" - Divya Aggarwal On Dating Priyank Sharma Again

Divya Rao , 18 Jan 2018
Priyank and Divya
Source: Instagram @divyaagarwal_official

Divya Aggarwal and Priyank Sharma were a much loved couple before Bigg Boss. During his stint inside the BB house, Divya continued to champion for him, asking fans to vote for him. Things soon got weird after his equation with Benafsha Soonawalla was questioned but Divya confirmed that she knows they’re just best friends and nothing more than that. Post that, Priyank spoke about another lover he had in different part of the world. This irked Divya and raised questions on his loyalty. She chose to break up with him on the show after writing an extremely emotional open letter.

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Divya spoke about dealing with her breakup.

There are people who still believe we are together. It does not make a difference to the fans. It is hard for me to handle people who love us together. There were questions raised on my trust issues and his loyalty issues but you see, I can never prove them wrong because they are not.I myself am a big fan of Divyank and was hoping to work together on many other platforms but anyway.
 When asked if she’d ever hate him again, she said,
No, no that is absolutely a big no. Professionally, yes but nothing personal.
I guess that’s that then. It’s officially the end of Divyank.

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