Are These Jeans The Newest Trend In Celebrity Fashion?

Hrishitaa Sharma , 18 Jan 2018

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Just when we thought how we can possibly upgrade our denim to the next level, we came across two celebrities whose denim game is far from basic. Without further ado may we present to you, the two jeans that we think are the future of denim this year and we also have mixed feeling about these trending pieces.

1. Ananya Birla’s enormously baggy jeans

We spotted these jeans on miss Birla while she posed for a casual OOTD like it’s NBD. This kinda denim brings us hope for the days we want to ignore the fact that food is our bae and the summer body is far away. While we don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with this pair but from the looks of it, we can fit about 3 people in it. Talk about a party in your pants!

PS: We love how badass Ananya looks.

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2. Priyanka Chopra‘s Skirt-Jeans

We would blindly follow any trend as long as Priyanka is in on it, but we’re not sure if we’d look so effortless. She cruises the streets of NYC in this distressed denim that also featured a half skirt. A leather jacket and red statement booties make the denim look so normal and regular. How did she do that?

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Our verdict is that these two styles of denim are here to stay and don’t complain to us that we didn’t tell you so when you see your BFF look so stylish in one of these. Get in on the trend soon, or else you’ll snooze and loose!

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