Video: Shilpa Shinde Dances The Night Away With Her Friends

Divya Rao , 18 Jan 2018
Shilpa Shinde

It’s obviously a celebratory time for Shilpa Shinde. She just won Bigg Boss after a difficult three months in the house full of ups and downs. She was one of the strongest contestants in the house right from the very beginning, and despite multiple fights with a bunch of people in the house, she still managed to sail through it all. She’s quite naturally enjoying her new found freedom outside the house and has been celebrating with her closest friends and family.

Here’s a video of her in dancing the night away at a recent event.

Shilpa, in a recent interview, stated that she doesn’t want to work in TV anymore because she’s completely disheartened. Whereas, there are rumours doing the rounds that she might star in a web series produced by Vikas Gupta very soon. We’ll have to wait and see to know much truth there is to this.

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