Shweta Bachchan Takes A Dig At Karan Johar For Hanging Out With The Younger Lot Of Bollywood

Divya Rao , 22 Jan 2018
Shweta Bachahan Nanda, Karan Johar, Neha Dhupia

While Karan Johar is known to get along with almost everyone in Bollywood, it’s a known fact that Shweta Bachchan Nanda is one of his oldest and closest friends. He has often called her his confidante and is quite close to her younger brother Abhishek Bachchan too. The two were the first set of BFFs to appear on Neha Dhupia‘s BFFs with Vogue and man, it was an absolute riot!

Karan often hangs out with the young brigade of Bollywood and has been responsible for launching their careers too. We hear he wants to make a film with Sara Ali Khan soon, and is also launching Ananya Pandey in Student Of The Year. If you’ve spotted Karan at a party, you will more often than not see him with the 20-somethings and it’s incredible how well he gets along with them.

Shweta hilariously took a dig at Karan for wanting to listen to EDM. She told Neha,

 Karan is the most uncool person at a party. These days, he hangs out with a lot of young people. And then they must have said something about EDM one time. And every time we have hung out after that, Karan has been like, ‘Guys let’s put on some EDM’. We’re like, ‘Do you even know what EDM even is?’ He is trying and my heart goes out to him, but, no, please stop it.

HAHAHAHA. Awww! Karan was quick to come back with something funnier. Turns out, Shweta is quite the stalker on social media.

She’s obsessed with her kids’ lives. She is the world’s biggest stalker. She is the Jagga Jasoos on the Internet. And she’ll discuss all of them, not just Navya. Aryan, Suhana, Ananya. You think I hang out with them at parties, but at least I am not stalking them online.

It’s not hard to see why these two get along! Did you catch the first episode? What did you think? Tell us.

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