5 Quick Millennial-Friendly Tips To Help Maximize Space In Your Home

Atmaj Vyas , 24 Jan 2018

In a city like Mumbai, finding a house or apartment large enough to live in comfortably comes at a price. And for young adults who have just moved to these metros for their first jobs, it’s an impossible ask.  So, they are left to hunt for smaller, cozier spaces and tasked with making them as homey as possible, which tbh is a task by itself. We know this because we lived it a countless times over. And the biggest problem usually is figuring out where you’re going to fit all your stuff. Boy, do we millennials have a lot of stuff! Well, the answer to that problem is rather simple, it boils down to how effectively you manage your space. So here are 5 quick tips that every millennial should know in order to make the most of the space they have!

1. Create Zones

It’s simple, really. First, make a list of all the things you do in your home, like work, sleep, relax, eat, etc. and then mark out separate spaces for each of them. A smart use of curtains or a well-placed table and chair can help you and other people who step in identity such zones. Alternatively, you could also use paint to separate sections. Not only does this add a splash of colour to the space, but it also helps make it seem larger than it really is.

2. One Thing, Multiple Uses

The core concept of space management lies in how efficient each and everything within that space is. Going by that logic, it makes sense to look at items that have multiple uses. Think of a table that can be used as a desk or a dining table. Similarly, you could get cubes that serve as a coffee table but can also become extra seating when needed. The most basic necessity is a sofa that can double-up as a bed and maybe also a storage unit because you never know when you’re going to have someone over.

3. The Bigger, The Better

While this may seem counter-intuitive, having a few large pieces of furniture is actually better than having tiny little pieces all over the place. It makes the space a look a lot grander.

4. Visual Impact

Soothing and even-toned rooms have a tendency to fool the eye and tricking one into perceiving a room as much more spacious than it actually is. While subtle patterns and textures keep the space from falling flat, it should be noted that a little colour helps too. The right balance is elusive for most, but when achieved can be extremely rewarding.

5. Vertical Thinking Is Key

Often times, we are so concerned by the width of a place and how you’re going to fit everything in there that we overlook the height. The extremely under-utilised space between the floor to the ceiling is one that can provide some really cool storage ideas. Think of a cabinet or a bookshelf that goes all the way from floor to ceiling. Top-down lamps and storage spaces above the eye line also count. This helps gives the space a more wholesome vibe and needless to say, maximizes every inch of the space you have.

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