We all have days where our hair won’t sit right, our skinny jeans won’t fit well, and our skin will break out with a pimple or five. But imagine having a bad day like that, everyday? Acne; a skin condition that affects 7 out of 10 women and leads to serious confidence issues. We’ve all had it, experienced it and lived through it, amirite? And for those who are still struggling with severe acne (be it hormonal or seasonal), keep on reading.

Meet Bella Lucia, an Austrialian model with the face of a goddess and the lips of Kylie Jenner. Like most of us, she suffered with acne since she was a teenager. She recently shared a picture on Instagram showing her 1.1 million followers her acne journey.

Belle mentions how for many years she suffered from acne on her chest, back and face. And because of her bad skin, it affected her self esteem which forced her to temporarily put a halt to her career. She then goes on to say and encourage her fans to stop worrying about the way they looked.

She remind us that everything we see on IG is a very small part of someone’s story. And that the internet does not define true meaning of “perfection”. In fact she says that the model ads we generally see (the ones that have the perfect teeth, skin, hair and figure) aren’t perfect at all.

So go on guys, embrace and be happy with the skin you’re in. This German-Portuguese beauty encourages it!

P.S: We absolutely love that influencers nowadays are standing up and showing us that no one is perfect. Don’t you?

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