This New Beauty Tool Will Let You Sleep In An Extra 15 Minutes

Natasha Patel , 24 Jan 2018

If you’ve ever been conflicted with getting in an extra few minutes of sleep or doing your makeup, you’re going to love this article. We’ve just discovered the best hack to get your shadow cut-crease looking like you’ve spent all morning getting done. Invented by makeup artist Jack Nogueira, this genius invention solves all your eyeshadow woes with a single stamp. Yes, a stamp!

The tool called the Stamp Crease is shaped like the curve of an eye which makes putting on eyeshadow super quick and easy.

All you literally have to do is place your eyeshadow into the curved part of the stamp. Then press it down onto the lid of your eye and voila, you’re ready in less than a minute!

Here’s how you can use it:

So, time for you too ditch that tape and all those extra efforts to get your shadow perfect… This is revolutionary! Agree?

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