7 Ways To Calm Your Overthinking Brain Down

7 Ways To Calm Your Overthinking Brain Down

Atmaj Vyas
Overthinking (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Overthinking (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Many of us have a problem with overthinking. Sometimes it’s just a bad day that sends us down a spiral of thoughts and hypotheticals or in some cases, it’s just a bad habit. Whichever the case, many people just laugh off the fact that it is an actual problem that plagues a significant amount of people. Don’t get us wrong, while overthinking can be a blessing in disguise, it also can be draining, both emotionally and physically. A brain that is constantly in high gear can be an exhausting thing so it’s important to slow or stimulate your thoughts. Here are 7 ways that you can do that.

1. Writing

Writing has proven to be both calming and therapeutic as it allows you to express yourself freely. If you think about it, overthinking is nothing more than a cluster of ideas, thoughts, hypothetical situations and emotions that manifest into a chain of thoughts. By that analysis, writing down what you’re feeling at that very moment can help you rationalize in a realistic way.

2. Listen To Music

Might seem pretty basic, right? Music is actually a powerful stimulant for the brain. While your thoughts may occur fast and seem impossible to control, music can act as a pathway to calmness. It can help make sense of the emotion behind your thoughts. If you find yourself feeling low or listening to sad songs, that usually is an indicator of the direction your thoughts are leaning towards. Identify that, pick up on it and move your thoughts into a lighter space.

3. Physical Activity

Ever heard of the expression —’Burn out your excess energy’? Well, physical activities like going to the gym, running, etc. are well-known ways to help stop overthinking. Contrary to belief, overthinking is actually a byproduct of excess energy. So, anything that helps you burn out that energy can help tame unchecked thoughts. Also, exercise is pretty good regardless.

4. Meditation

We know, this sounds boring AF, right? But finding inner peace is actually a really good feeling. While we aren’t trying to become Shifu from Kung-Fu Panda, being content and happy with yourself and your situation is pretty important. Meditation in small doses (or large, we aren’t judging) can help bring much needed calm to your body and soul which in turn helps rationalize and calm your thoughts.

5. Compartmentalising

We wake up at a certain time, eat food at a certain time and work at a certain time. Each of our basic habits has a dedicated time and we religiously follow it; this is how we subconsciously compartmentalize our life. The same thing can be done with our thoughts and emotions. We can put them into small little compartments to help understand them better. Since overthinking involves a whole jam of thoughts flowing in together, it’s good to try and slow it down and pick them apart.

6. Socialising

While socializing could be counted as a mere distraction, it is pleasant and welcomed. Meeting new people or even just going out and chilling with friends can sometimes be rather refreshing. It can help you get over what’s bothering you and help you live in the moment. Also, talking about it to someone can add perspective to your thoughts and make sense of what you’re feeling.

7. Take A Break

There is always a reason behind every thought, overthinking too. Most commonly though, it happens because of stress or pent-up emotional frustration that is looking for an outlet. Sometimes, all you need to do is take a quick break from life and embark on a solo adventure. A little breather once in a while always helps you feel rejuvenated and healthy, which in turn can give you clarity.

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Overthinking can be annoying, draining and an outright pain in the backside! But it can be brought under control so don’t let your brain tell you otherwise! Let us know if you have any other ideas, in the comments below.

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