When it comes to beauty products, we usually have a few hacks up our sleeves. A lipstick can double up a blush, a sparkly shadow can make do as a highlighter etc. However, a tattoo artist in Prague has been using her makeup in the most interesting way.

Alena Wedderburn has been creating temporary tattoos on her body with a few of Fenty Beauty’s products. The coolest part? She actually draws on portraits of Rihanna with those makeup items!

Prior to the launch of Fenty Beauty, Alena used to use watercolors, pencils and oil paints for her portraits. However, once the line was released, she decided to pay an homage to RiRi by utilising the singer’s own products. Luckily, she’s been posting videos of her creations for us to see. Not only is the process absolutely mesmerising, but the result is a true work of art.

We are all huge fans of Rihanna’s beauty brand, but this woman takes her fandom to new heights! We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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