7 Weird Marriage Proposal Ideas That Have Actually Worked

Atmaj Vyas , 30 Jan 2018
Summer Love (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Summer Love (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Picture this: He…or she (times have changed) gets down on one knee and asks you to be his/hers forever against a beautiful candlelit backdrop, on an exotic island. That’s probably the dream for a lot of hopeless romantics out there. Sometimes though, you have people with what could either be a crazy sense of humor or adventure. They see the opportunity as one that can be made memorable by being completely outrageous. While it can’t be denied that these proposals take some serious planning to get right, it sure as hell takes a whole lot of balls too. Here are 7 of the weirdest wedding proposal ideas ever!

1. Just Kidding: Level 100

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Ever thought about faking your death in a horrific car crash was romantic? No? Well, one guy did! He hired a professional stuntman and a film crew to pull off this prank, only to rise again from the dead and pop the question. Obviously, she was visibly shaken but, she managed to see the lighter side of it and actually said yes.

2. Something Smells A Little Fishy

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Nothing’s better than taking a long walk on the beach and popping the question at the right time, right? Well if you can’t do that, visit the aquarium,  get 2 guys to get inside and have them sneak up on you and your girl, raising a banner asking her to marry you. Worked out well for the guy who tried it.

3. Try The Billboard

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Holding up a small sign, asking the person you love to marry you seems a bit…small? Well then, go ahead and put it up on a billboard. You know that’s going to get his/her attention, everyone else’s too!

4. Mysterious Crop Fields Aren’t That Mysterious

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Tattoos are overrated! But ploughing a field to write the words ‘Marry Me’…now that is totally in. It’s not really mysterious, but there is some sorta satisfaction in knowing it was made by a human and not a UFO. Crop circle conspiracies, anyone? No? Ok!

5. Gamer Boy Got Some Game

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Nothing says nerdy-but-cute than custom-coding a game to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you. Guess he’s not such a bum after all, eh? Well maybe he is, but he sure is smooth!

6. Is That A Teddy Bear?

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Quick tip, dress up as your beloved’s favourite stuffed animal and chase them down the street. Apparently, it’s the best way to declare your love! If that doesn’t work, get a whole army of friends and dress them up too. The more the marrier. Get it?

7. Let’s Play Pretend

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This one’s a doozy! While on one hand, you’re actually pretending to make up a situation and have them role-play it, on the other, you’re actually getting them setup to pop the question. It’s a double whammy cause they’d probably not expect that in the least.

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Would you try any of the ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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