Zeenat Aman Files A Complaint Against Businessman Amar Khanna For Stalking & Molestation

Sukriti Gumber , 30 Jan 2018
Zeenat Aman

Women’s safety has been a concern in our country since years now. Irrespective of which strata of society a woman belongs to – privileged or non-privileged, old or young, upper caste or lower caste – she is at risk. Women aren’t safe in the virtual world either, and it takes a level A sleazeball to make someone feel unsafe with words alone.

This morning, I woke up to the news that 66-year old veteran actress, Zeenat Aman has filed a complaint against businessman Amar Khanna for molestation, stalking and bad behaviour. According to a report in ANI, the actress was good friends with the man, until they had a couple of fights and disagreements. Thereafter, she stopped talking to him but he kept calling her and following her around.

After repeatedly asking him to stop stalking her and not getting any results, Zeenat decided to register a complaint under sections 304 D and 509 of the IPC at the Juhu police station. Amar is reportedly absconding and the police is looking for him. Stay tuned for more updates, only on MissMalini.com.

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