Every girl should have a friend she can rely on. Someone they’d take a bullet for and who’d take one for them. But this is not just anyone. Only someone they trust; someone who’ll show you the mirror when you need to see it, but she will also be your partner in crime too.

Here are signs to see if you’ve found her.

1. You can converse through eye contact

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You don’t need to actually say anything. Your expressions say a million words. In a group of people, it’s easier to gossip with just your eyes.

2. You’re more scared of her than your own parents

She knows you so well. She knows all your deepest, darkest secrets and she knows when you’ve messed up. She knows how to get back at you because she knows your weaknesses.

3. She’ll tell you off in a brutal way if she has to

When you repeatedly make the same mistakes time and again, she’s there to show you the mirror. BFFs don’t believe in sugar coating their words. It’s almost like the ‘B’ in BFF stands for ‘brutal’.

4. She’ll comfort you when you’re down and out

As much as she is brutal, she’s also the one who replaces the ice cream tub with a warm hug. Everything’s better with her around.

5. She’ll fight the world for you

She’ll take down anyone or anything that hurts you.

6. If you hate someone, she hates them. Period.

She’s very loyal to you. That means if you hate someone, they hate them, too.

7. She needs to approve the guy you date

Oh yasss! Definitely. She needs to meet him a bunch of times, to assess if he’s someone that’ll stick around; someone who won’t hurt you. Because she knows you too well to know who’ll keep you happy.

8. You have too many inside jokes

Lame handshakes, TV show references and old vacation horrors. Stuff that no one else gets, and stuff that might get people around to feel FOMO.

9. People often think you are sisters

You guys are so similar. The way you dress, the way you speak, and sometimes you even say the same things at the same time! Jinx! Obviously, you’re sisters! You are, in fact, soul sisters!

10. You have to talk at least once a day

So many things happen everyday. So. Much. Gossip! It has to be shared. She always needs to know first.

11. You fight all the time, but make up real quick

Difference of opinions don’t stand a chance with you two. You guys make up as fast as you fight.

12. You tell each other everything

From the most shallow thought to the dirtiest secret. You guys know it all. There’s nothing you could hide from her. And she can’t either.

13. People don’t get your kinda crazy

No one gets how crazy you guys are. And you couldn’t be bothered to explain yourselves.

14. She’s your cheerleader

She’s your biggest support system. She encourages you to get more out of your life and really believes in you. She’s there for all your acheivements, everytime.

15. You’re possessive about each other

Someone else calling your bestie, her bestie? Hells to the no!

You can have many friends, but you can have only one BFF! If the above sounds familiar, you know she’s you soul sister. Boyfriends come and go, but BFFs are for life. *High Faaaa*

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