Home furnishing is something that varies from person to person according to their tastes and preferences. While some people may be minimalists, others prefer loud and bolder choices and in accordance, their homes reflect that. However, in this time and age, with the struggle for space being real, it’s hard to balance out what we want versus what we really need. So, to make your life easier, here are 7 furniture items that classify as needs and must-haves:

1. Lazy Boy

While some may consider a lazy boy to be a luxury, we really think it’s a necessity. After a long day at work, it’s comforting to come back and be able to relax a bit. The lazy boy provides the best comfort possible and as Joey Tribbiani from Friends taught us, the lazy boy is love, the lazy boy is life.

2. Bean Bag

This one can be considered as an add-on or an alternative to the lazy boy. The infamous bean bag has been known to turn productive people into complete procrastinators. Fear not though, this little bag of love is an essential and a great space saver, just as long as you can get up. Since it’s portable too, you can take it wherever you go. Can’t say that about your favourite couch now, can you?

3. Sofa-cum-bed

The sofa-cum-bed has long been considered the best and most space-saving alternative that many people prefer. In the event of an unexpected guest, all you’ve got to do is turn that couch into a bed, just like magic. While not only being extremely useful, it’s super affordable too!

4. Portable Shoe Rack

While this may not seem like the most useful thing, having one around is pretty neat. At some point or the other, we’ve all had too many shoes or, have been unable to locate a pair that we really want to wear. So, why not get a small little shoe rack to put them all in one place? Other than being able to store your shoes safely, it also helps make your house look a lot neater.

5. Storage Cubes

Basically, anything that can help you store stuff is essential. So why not get cubes that act as a chair, a table, and a storage unit, all-in-one? It is small, looks pretty and has multiple uses. You can’t possibly go wrong with them and the best part is, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. They tend to look better in sets.

6. Foldable Table

Need a space to work and eat? Well, why not get something that allows you to do both and also helps save space! Foldable tables are essential for everyone living alone. The fact that they can be folded and are portable is honestly a huge plus point. Also, you could consider getting a wall-mounted table, that folds back into your wall space, at the cost of portability of course.

7. Portable Mini Bar

Okay, you might think that this is not a necessity, but haven’t you always looked at a bar and wished you had one. Well, there is a cooler and cheaper alternative in the form of a portable mini bar. These little bad boys are super chic and also help make a tasteful statement.

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What’s that one piece of furniture you need to have in your house? Let us know in the comments below!

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