The Handmaid’s Tale was originally a novel by Margaret Atwood that turned into a 10 part television series for Hulu last year. The show has enjoyed crazy success and is now all set to go into its second season. The show follows the same basic premise as the novel, which is focussed on a dystopian reality set in what used to be the United States of America. In this society, women belong the state, especially because of a plummeting birth rate. And so, to repopulate it’s society, it imprisons the few fertile women as slaves. The jarring storyline is filled to the brim with moments that had us gasping in utter shock. And Elizabeth Moss‘ portrayal of Offred, a woman determined to survive this new world order, is beyond powerful. And since we found out that it will be airing  on AXN India on Monday, the 5th, we thought that there was no better time to give you a reason (or 5) to watch it.

1. Although fictitious, there is a sense that this could well soon be reality

As you get introduced to the story and it’s characters, you can tell that it’s not real, but yet, as each layer unveils itself through flashbacks, you are left with a sense of dread and unease at how easily this could be our reality. In essence, the show documents how ‘normal’ society changes to become this dystopia almost overnight.

2. It is not only topical and relevant because of society right now, but because of how it drives those points home

Considering how much focus (and thankfully so) women’s issues and gender issues are getting nowadays, this show in many ways is topical. Although one can argue that the scenario is hyperbolic, it is, in it’s treatment very nuanced too. Women in many societies in today’s world are nothing more than baby makers who have no voice.

3. It is visually hard-hitting

Some scenes are so impactful not necessarily because they’re gruesome, but because they manage to wake your consciousness up to certain things that you’d rather not really pay attention to, coz it’s easier not to. But here, they’re like, “Look at this. Now. You can’t turn away.”

4. And it has intense monologues

Each internal monologue leave you with something to think about.

5. The cast and the costume are perfectly on point

Finally, The Handmaid’s Tale has an incredible cast aside from Moss, including Alexis Bledel and Joseph Fiennes all of whom play hard-hitting characters. And also the costumes reflect the societal construct perfectly, where the handmaids are in robes and bonnets reflecting an olden time where things were unequal in every sense.

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