Oh, fancy seeing you here. We’re not much up to much…just collecting some pictures of some Hollywood hotties we’ve seen over the past few years. They don’t seem to get older, they only get better!

1. Zac Efron

They grow up so fast, don’t they?

2. Chris Hemsworth

He’s a Greek God, alright! We love you in all your hairstyles, Chris!

3. Idris Elba

Will you be our Valentine, dear Idris?

4. Daniel Craig

That smouldering look leaves us breathless everytime, 007!

5. Ryan Gosling

He doesn’t need to be shirtless to get our attention, really. We love him even with his clothes on. Drinking some tea. In a pool.

6. Hugh Jackman

We’re attempting to be totally nonchalant and trying to not focus on all those veins. But Logan‘s got us drooling all over his bulletproof chest!

7. Chris Pine

Can we swim in those deep blue eyes, Chris? Will you save us if we drown in them?

8. Ryan Reynolds

Must learn how to age into this fierce silver fox like Deadpool!

9. Adam Levine

Talent at it’s best. Treat for the eyes, and the ears!

10. Nick Jonas

Can someone wrap him up as our Valentine’s Day present please?

11. Jason Momoa

We’d gladly be your Khaleesi, Momoa! We absolutely love you!

12. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Incestual adultery aside, we dote over his excessively good looks.

13. Henry Cavill

If this turtle was a rainbow barfing unicorn, would you still notice it? We definitely wouldn’t!

14. Nick Bateman

We’re not staring. We’re just pensive. We’re casually thinking of how many kids we’d have together.

15. David Gandy

Let him not distract you on the busiest day of the week. Okay, may be just a little.

16. Noah Mills

Flying helicopters shirtless, really? We definitely don’t mind just watching you do that.

17. Kit Harington

Looking dapper in formals, Jon Snow!

18. Gabriel Macht

Oh Harvey! How handsome you look in suits!

19. Gerard Butler

Ever found crow’s feet that attractive on a man? P.S: We love him.

20. Michael Fassbender

Magneto stole our tin hearts with his raw sexual magnetism!

We know how hard the first day of the week can get. So, that was our little pick-me-up! Hope you enjoyed it!

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