5 Of The Stupidest Viral Challenges On The Internet

Atmaj Vyas , 05 Feb 2018

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In today’s day and age, almost anything has the ability to become viral. With more and more people trying to become break out stars with that one epic video, we’ve got to see some cool, but mostly stupid and downright idiotic ‘challenges’ take over the internet. Lately, everything seems to revolve around some challenge or the other, and while any sane and logical person would recognise these challenges as being stupid, it hasn’t stopped countless people from trying to do them. This has often led to some disastrous results! Here are 5 such challenges that shook the internet!

1. The Tide Pod Challenge

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Let’s start off with a disclaimer, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! The sheer stupidity of this challenge is mind-blowing. It requires you take a Tide pod and swallow it. This disastrous challenge resulted in many people ending up in the Emergency Room and even death in some cases. The person who came up with this needs a serious psych evaluation as he/she basically asked you to ingest poison. In case you didn’t realise, ingesting this could cause seizures, respiratory arrest, coma and death.

2. The Cinnamon Challenge

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Proving again how amazing humanity is, we bring you another idiotic challenge. This time, instead of a Tide pod, you’ve got a spoon full of cinnamon. Needless to say, this challenge had many people land up in the Emergency Room being treated for poisoning. Not just that, this challenge was also known to severely damage the lungs and cause respiratory problems. Thank god it came to an end!

3. The Hands-Free Selfie Challenge

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By now we think we’re all used to how crazy the internet really is. Unlike the other two, this challenge didn’t require you to ingest, eat, swallow or drink anything crazy; it just needed you to potentially break your phone. The idea behind this challenge was to click a selfie without using your hands. You’d set the timer on your phone and then throw it in the air for that perfect picture. Suffice to say, a lot of phones were cracked or broken while attempting this. Sometimes you’ve just got to wonder, what were they thinking?

4. Hottest Pepper Challenge

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What better way to say ‘I’m cool!’ than setting your mouth on fire, with the spiciest chilly in the world? Other than crying their eyes out and damaging their taste buds, this challenge saw many people landing up in the hospital. While it isn’t the most outrageous thing in the world, it’s high time people realise that putting something in your mouth doesn’t make you famous *wink wink*.

5. The Condom Challenge

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Maybe the inventor of this stupid challenge forgot which head to put this on. Maybe he thought it would be really cool. Either way, this weird and oddly dangerous challenge required you to fill a condom with water and then drop it on your head. What could go wrong, right? Well other than people not being able to break out from it and potentially suffocating, not much. Imagine the words, ‘Drowned in a condom’ on a tombstone.

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It’s worrying to think of the heights that people will go to, just to be a part of something. In all honesty, it’s high time people start using their brains and not chase after 15 minutes of fame mindlessly. Be productive and find out other ways to go viral. Like solving a real issue?

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