Here's A Breakdown Of The Latest Changes On Instagram

Atmaj Vyas , 05 Feb 2018

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Instagram is not only a vital part of our life, it is also the place many have made their careers. With beautiful pictures and amazing videos giving us major FOMO all day, Instagram has literally become something we can’t live without. And as an app does, Instagram too, is ever-evolving and with frequent changes and major updates, it’s important to stay informed. So, here are the updates to our favourite app that you should know about!

1. Type Mode In Insta Stories

Type Stories On Instagram
Type Stories On Instagram

Instagram just introduced the type mode in its stories and oh boy, it truly is a blessing! You know how you would have to use the plain old black screen and then type out what you wanted? Well, Instagram heard your prayers and just released this super cool and creative text-based styles and backgrounds. You don’t need to add a photo or a video either! So now, every little thought or rant, can be put on Instagram using fun background colours and word highlights. The feature is pretty easy to use too! So, fidget around and have fun with it.

2. Carousel Ads

Carousel Add At The Airport (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Carousel Ad At The Airport (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

It’s been said before, social media is the future! Not just for people to connect to the world, but also for businesses. With the introduction of the carousel ads to Instagram stories, advertisers can now have up to three pieces of media per story ad, as compared to it being just one before. It’s no doubt that since stories were launched, the Instagram community has found many ways to flex its creativity. The addition of face filters, superzoom and, gift stickers only made them all the more appealing to people and businesses alike. Don’t worry though, the carousel ads aren’t confusing at all as they work in the same way as other stories do. Meaning, you can tap through, swipe back and forth, or pause on the content whenever you’d like. The addition being, two pieces more of media that will really add depth to the story of advertisers. It’s truly unique when you think of how much you can really do with just two more spaces. It’s a brilliant direction for advertisers, as sometimes, you can lose out on a customer just because you couldn’t elaborate.

3. Scheduling Instagram Posts

Businesses can now use third-party sites like Hootsuite or Later to schedule their posts. While this is not an option for single users yet, they plan on rolling it out for them in 2019.

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