5 Advantages Of Sarcasm That Prove It's The Best Skill To Have

Atmaj Vyas , 06 Feb 2018

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Sarcasm is truly one of the best things ever. It is an art, a skill and most importantly, a tool for communication. Albeit, a rather bitter and controversial form of communication, it serves a purpose. With levels of stupidity reaching new heights the world over, sarcasm has become a rather essential skill, considering it not only puts your point across, but it also acts as the perfect indicator of the illogicality of the other person’s statement. We don’t mean to sound harsh, but in all honesty, being sarcastic does have its advantages. So, here are 5 things that prove that sarcasm can be a good thing.

1. Sarcasm Is Considered A Higher Form Of Intelligence

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We’re serious! There’s actual research that shows that sarcasm is a by-product of good cognitive function. While sarcasm isn’t the greatest indicator of wit, it actually goes hand-in-hand with intelligence as it involves quick and spontaneous comebacks. It also indicates your ability to think on your feet and crisis management (to some extent).

2. It Helps You Find People Who Are Like-Minded

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Birds of a feather flock together! By that logic, sarcastic people are usually surrounded by people who understand and like their quick and sharp wit. It’s easier to find like-minded people because most normies can’t stand or comprehend them. So, it actually acts as a filtration process, if you may, to find your tribe.

3. Helps Get You Out Of Sticky Situations

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Never underestimate what quick-wit and an easy-breezy sense of humor can do for you. While often times, snarky comments can be the actual cause of a problem, it can also act as a tension-breaker. A well-placed remark can work wonders especially since sarcasm tends to be rather random by nature and such a left-field comment catches people off-guard.

4. Sarcastic People Are Usually More In-Tune With Their Emotions

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What does being a snarky smart-ass got to do with emotions, you ask? Well, it turns out that sarcasm tends to stem from a rather emotional space. While most relate it to conflict and trauma, some research suggests that it actually stems from a place of love. They say we tend to fight the most with people we love and the same rule applies to sarcasm. Often times, these comments aren’t really coming from a contemptuous place, it’s just how they express themselves.

5. Sarcasm Is Correlated With Creativity

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Shocking? We think not! Research shows that sarcastic people tend to usually be more creative and inventive. I mean, it’s not like they are just sitting around with a little black book filled with spiteful comments, right? Sarcasm is truly an art that is lost on many.

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While sarcasm isn’t the most cherished thing in the world and at times can lead to misunderstandings, it still is a valuable asset to have. Now we’ll leave you to wonder if everything we said was real or just sarcasm at it’s best ;).

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