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It’s that time of the year ladies where you thank your man for being that steady rock in your drama life and probably expect your dream date too! This Valentine’s you don’t need to be confused with finding the perfect out-of-the-box gift for your better half because we’ve got you covered. Check out these cool gifting ideas and you might just find the one, just like you did with your boyfriend!

1. Alexa

If your boyfriend gets excited about the tech world and his second love is something mastering the art of artificial intelligence then the brand new Amazon Alexa is something you should look into buying.

Alexa | Image soruce:
Alexa | Image source: amazon.inAlexa

2. Personalised Song Lamp

You must have that one song that reminds you of the sweetest memory spent together. Here’s your chance of framing that special song and gifting it to him in a light frame.

Personalised Your Song Light Box (sourced image from
Personalised Your Song LightBox | Image source:

3. Beard Grooming Kit

If your main man is all about grooming and growing that beard then this kit will keep him happy and his beard style dapper.

Beard Grooming Kit (sourced image from
Beard Grooming Kit | Image source:

4. I love you bean

This quirky gift makes for the perfect present as it has a touch of sentimental value added to it. This plant will have ‘I Love You’ engraved on the leaf so everytime he looks at it, he’ll think of you.

I Love You Bean (sourced image from
I Love You Bean | Image source:

5. Name A  Star Gift

Name a Star (sourced image from exciting
Name a Star | Image source: exciting

If you think your boyfriend is out of the world then he probably deserves that kind of treatment as well. You can gift him a star on his name and this box will give him a certificate and the actual placement of the star in the constellation. Now, isn’t that romantic?

6. Scratch Map

Scratch Map (sourced image from
Scratch Map | Image source:

If his soul is all about the wanderlust then getting him a map of the world that he can scratch, as and when he completes the tour of the country, will make him so happy. It will feed his travel spirit the fuel it always wants and you get the girlfriend of the year award without any fuss.

7. Chandon Rosé

There’s nothing more romantic than sipping your favourite bubbly on a well-planned date night. Surprising him with a bottle of the limited edition Chandon, might just start your evening on a great note.

Chandon Rosé
Chandon Rosé

8. 212 Men Set

There’s nothing better than a good smelling guy with a spectacular hygiene. Chances are if you have picked him, he’s bound to love the grooming products that will make him even more irresistible to you.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Set (sourced image from
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Set (sourced image from

9. Quirky Bow Tie

For the fun loving guy who loves to experiment with quirky trends, this bow-tie brand is perfect. Get your boyfriend a cute bow and ask him to wear it on your special date. Maybe promise him that you’ll wear the sexy lingerie he likes so much. It’s a win-win!

So have you found the perfect gift for him as yet?

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