From your dress to your makeup, we know that every thing will be on point on your wedding day… but what about your nails? To ensure that tips go with your look, we’ve listed out 10 cool manicure ideas that you can take inspiration from.

1. The French Mani (With A Twist)

A French manicure is a classic, but why not change things a little? Use a baby pink polish as your base and a gold lacquer for the edges.

2. Transparent Glam

Show off your minimalistic side with a clear, acrylic nails. Add a stripe down the centre to get some glitz.

3. Gold Spots

Jazz up your nails with gold polka dots and stripes for a quirky spin.

4. Floral Tips

Why carry a bouquet when you can sport on your tips? Whimsical and romantic, this manicure will definitely make those ring shots stand out.

5. The One With The Details

There’s nothing more timeless than lace on your wedding day. Go for this lace-inspired nail art for an elegant, yet intricate look.

6. Watercolour Nails

This dreamy nail art is perfect for those who have a creative side.

7. Metallic Edge

A negative space manicure, with a metallic spill of colour, is the one for a badass, fierce bride.

8. Frosted Tips

Shake up your regular ombré nails by adding an unexpected shade of shimmer to them.

9. Marbled Art

Whether it’s on an accent nail or all over, marble-inspired nails will always be the chicest in the room.

10. Glitter Outlines

This is for the bride who loves to party! The sparkle will look great on KiraKira and in real life.

Which of these manicures are you most drawn to?

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