What His Fashion Style Says About Him

What His Fashion Style Says About Him

Hrishitaa Sharma
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When you spend a couple of years working in fashion and having an active dating life, you’re bound to figure out a thing or two about men. It so turns out, that there is some sort of relationship between the way your man dresses and his boyfriend material level. Here are a couple of categories that describe their relationship mode by keeping their personal style in mind. See which out of the lot is your bae most likely to be picked from.

1. The Experimenter: Ranveer Singh

Personal style: If choosing an outfit is a thrill for him every morning and he’s fearless in his choices, then he’s definitely channeling his inner Ranveer Singh.

Relationship style: He will be more open to adventurous things in the relationship and will make sure that your love nest never sees a dull day.

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

2. The Trendsetter: Ranbir Kapoor

Personal style: He doesn’t play by the fashion rule book but ends up looking trendy anyway. Maybe it’s the way he owns his number that makes him look effortlessly stylish like Ranbir Kapoor.

Relationship style: He’s bound to be cautious but just enough risqué to make things fun and interesting between the two of you. We’d say: he’s a keeper!

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor

3. The Classic: Rahul Khanna

Personal style: If he loves to stick to his basics when out on the town and opts for the classic pantsuit for a formal evening, then he’s just the evergreen handsome you wished for. Rahul Khanna is that perfect gentleman for us!

Relationship style: Like his style, his love will be old school and classic too. He will cherish all the memories of you and will take bold steps if need be to keep what’s important to him in his life—You.

Rahul Khanna at the unveiling of Chandon x McLaren-Honda installation at Palladium (Photo courtesy | Viral Bhayani)
Rahul Khanna

4. The Dapper: Sushant Singh Rajput

Personal style: There won’t be a moment when you’d spot him without looking like he can walk the runway. It might be his well-picked wardrobe essentials or his charismatic persona but he will be your eye-candy just like Sushant Singh Rajput is ours!

Relationship style: He might not be the one to put all his cards on the table but you can trust him to have some tricks up his sleeve, that will keep the spark alive in your relationship.

5. The Gym Lover: Akshay Kumar

Personal style: His closet is a monumental pile of athleisure numbers filled with dry fit tees and tanks that are gym ready and casual-smart at the same time. He knows the value of life and likes to live his best version of himself.

Relationship style: He will be a constant source of support that most girls wish they had. He will not just snuggle you when you had a bad day but will inspire you to dream big and be fearless.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

6. The Desi Boy: Shahid Kapoor

Personal style: If he picks a kurta over a polo-neck tee and chooses his mojadis over his flipflops, then he’s definitely the Shahid to your Mira.

Relationship style: He will always treat you with respect and would most likely make you meet the parents when things get serious, without you having to nudge him to do so. If he sees a future with you, he will be on the road to winning you for life! #HubbyGoals

So, have you found what your boyfriend’s personal style says about his partner style?

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