5 Tips From MAC Makeup Pro Romero Jennings On Looking Flawless

Meriam Ahari , 09 Feb 2018

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It’s always a kick when meeting our social media idols face-to-face. We already know everything about them, even before introducing ourselves—Thanks to their Instagram and Twitter feeds granting us daily access to what they’re wearing, where they’re hanging, and who they’re with.

When MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings (whose account I stalk for backstage fashion week makeup) came to town, I knew what I was in for. Slick coiffure with meticulously constructed side part—check. Wide-framed tortoise shell specs—check. But his skin! It was jaw-droppingly flawless in real life—sans the filters.

Poreless, smooth, and radiant aren’t exactly words I would use to describe most fifty-year-old’s complexions (yes, he’s actually fifty)—But Romero has the taut forehead of an adolescent. Forget the makeup tips—I wanted in on his skin care routine!

Here are 5 ways makeup maverick Romero Jennings achieves a perfect finish:

1) Cheap Facelift

Romero attributes his ageless skin to four MAC skincare products. He exfoliates daily with Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Rs. 2,700, and follows with a thin application of Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel, Rs. 3,450, for hydration without the shine (perfect for oily skin types). Last, he mixes Lightful C Marine-Bright Softening Spray, Rs. 3,400, and Prep + Prime Fix+, Rs. 1,6450, onto his palm and applies to skin for what he swears gives the face an instantly plump appearance and a dewy glow that lasts all day.


MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
MAC Mineralised Charged Water Moisture Gel
MAC Marine Bright Formula Softening Lotion Spray
MAC Prep+ Prime Fix+

2) Secret Weapon

Every makeup artist has a go-to product that they swear gets the job done. For Romero, MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment, Rs. 1,650, is “my secret weapon, or what I like to call liquid powder.” Whenever attending a special event or needed in front of the camera (which is very often), the artist applies a layer of this oil-free emulsion to combat shine and reduce the appearance of pores. Even though this primer is liquid, “it blurs fine lines and can even be applied over foundation” for a mattifying powder-like effect.

MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment
MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment

3) Ingenious Alternative

Sometimes, the trick to getting ready is being resourceful. If you decide to go for glitter eye makeup but are fresh out of base or lip gloss (which is another fab alternative), he suggests using lash glue (try MAC Duo Adhesive Rs. 1,400). And don’t worry, according to Romero the lash glue is easy to remove. “MAC has these new Gently Off + Micellar Wipes, Rs. 3,050, that are super saturated with a cleansing solution, making it easy to remove glitter and lash glue.” Another product he couldn’t stop raving about.

M.A.C Gently Off Wipes + Micellar water
MAC lash glue

4) Inclusive Shades

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing expensive makeup, only to get home and realize your shade is off. Romero has worked with models of all ethnicities and swears MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Show Gold, Rs. 2,600, looks great on every single skin tones—Whether your complexion is fair or dusky.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Show Gold
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Show Gold

5) Rule Breaker

Forget adhering to old teachings. If you find something that works, embrace it! Romero loves to use MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, Rs. 2,100, as foundation. “I love it because it works well under extreme conditions, especially high heat like in India. It lasts for twenty-four hours and the coverage is sheer. Plus, the color selection is amazing so it’s easy to get the perfect match.”

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Even though numerous makeup brands designate flat brush heads as foundation brushes, this seasoned pro uses MAC 109S Small Contour Brush, Rs. 3,000, to apply base after spotting another makeup artist doing so backstage at fashion week. He realized that using quick, light taps onto skin—rather than buffing in circular motions like you would with a flat head brush—creates a more natural-looking finish.

MAC Small Contour Brush
MAC Small Contour Brush

Made my day meeting makeup maverick @romerojennings whom I've been following from afar. Crazy fact: he's 50 years old?! In person, his skin is as smooth, poreless, even toned, and wrinkle-free as you see here. Mine, not so much ? He swears this is thanks to his daily regiment of @maccosmetics 1. Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (he uses daily but can be used weekly) 2. Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel (hydration without the shine, perfect for oily skin types) 3. Lightful C Marine-Bright Softening Spray mixed with Prep + Prime Fix+ (plumps skin for a dewy glow) 4. Skin Refined Zone Treatment (only for special events or when on camera, reduces appearance of pores and smoothes lines, literally the first thing I noticed about his skin) He also uses this regiment on models during fashion week??✨ #maccosmetics#romerojennings#makeupartist#makeup#skincare

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