16 Personalities You Are Likely To Find In Every Crew

16 Personalities You Are Likely To Find In Every Crew

Karishma Govil

Being the happy shiny people we are, we’d like to believe that every person on earth has friends, or at least one. And each personality type in a group is very distinctive. Each and every friend is unique in their own way. So, without further ado, let’s have a look-see at the different kinds of friends within a single crew.

1. The Party Animal a.k.a FOMO victim

This person literally calls you every day for a plan. So much so that you usually avoid their calls during the week. Also, they suffer from major FOMO and therefore want to be everywhere. They will also make sure you stay out with them till the end of the night, or may we say, wee hours of the morning because they don’t want the night to end. Ever.

2. The Flirt a.k.a The Joey

Remember Joey Tribbiani from Friends? This person is quite a lot like him. Mostly seen with different ‘pals’ every week. It’s hard to keep up with their ever-changing partners. Although you’ll give them that their charm is attractive.

3. The Pervert a.k.a Double Meaning Pro

They can make anything sound dirty. Everything you say could lead to a “That’s what she said” retort.

4. The Funny One a.k.a Class Clown

This person should be in stand-up comedy, if he isn’t already. He’s the cynical, sarcastic one, who always has something to say. But they’re funny, so you’ll never get bored.

5. The Drunkard a.k.a Always Thirsty

This person is always up for a drink, be it Saturday night, or Tuesday afternoon. This is the kind of person who opens up a can of beer at a breakfast buffet. Sound familiar?

6. The Henpecked a.k.a Lovebird

‘I’ll come, if she’s coming.’ Always attached to each other. Their partners decide whether they’d be on for the plan or not. Mostly caught canoodling ALL THE TIME. Almost making others uncomfortable.

7. The Gym Freak a.k.a Bodybuilder

Gym is life. Gym is bae. This person’s plans are based on how long their workout takes. Everything revolves around protein shakes, weights and gym timings.

8. The Forever Alone a.k.a Loner

Never seen with a partner. This one is always by themselves. They’re the ones who you’re always the wingman to. But sadly, never get that lucky. Mostly because they’re just awkward or have zero chill.

9. The Show-off a.k.a The Millionaire

Sipping the most expensive liquor, eating at the finest of restaurants, this person always manages to book the most expensive tables at clubs, just to show that money ain’t no thang.

10. The Self-Obsessed a.k.a Selfie Gods

They love themselves. They’re always taking pictures. Mostly of themselves. You’ll find their phone filled with their 15 million selfies, at any given point. They love to upload everything on social media.

11. The Canner a.k.a Forever Unwell

Cancelling plans all the time because they’re constantly unwell is their signature. You’ll see them once a while, and even then, they’ll talk about how unwell they’ve been ever since you last saw them. The weakling, if you will.

12. The Butt Of All Jokes a.k.a. The Punching Bag

You can’t resist but make fun of this one. Obviously harmlessly.

13. The Fashionista a.k.a The Stylish One

Always dressed to the nines, this person doesn’t believe in dressing down. From the loudest of colours to the most ballsy combination of prints, they’ve done it all.

14. The Forever Broke Bloke a.k.a The Loaner

This one is always borrowing money, spends more than they can, and is always broke. Eventually, they’ll tell you to “count them out” because they can’t afford to go somewhere.

15. The Foul Mouth a.k.a Swear King/Queen

Always swearing. Ever sentence has to include at least one swear word.

16. The Fashionably Late One a.k.a Last One To Show Up

This person was 5 minutes away, an hour ago. And it’s always the case.

Recognize these people? If you can’t find yourself, ask your friends, they’ll point you out!

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