Fact, no one likes to be left out from plans, and that’s normal. But there are a few of us who just cannot deal with not being a part of any kind of “hangout”. Those are the people that most definitely suffer from the classic case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Want to know if you’re that person? Here’s how you can find out…

1. You always hunt for an invitation

Somehow, you just make sure, you’re invited to oh-so-cool pool party.

2. You’re constantly making plans

If you aren’t invited, you make sure you come up with a plan instead.

3. You’re up for any kind plan

Even if it isn’t something you love to do, you’d still go in fear that you’ll miss out on a fun moment.

4. You have a back-up plan for a back-up plan

What if your original plan doesn’t work out? You generally always have a back-up plan. And if that back-up plan fails, you have an alternate one—Duh!

5. You stay at parties till the very end

Sleep? Pfft, that’s for the weak. You always make sure you leave at the very end. Because, what if something fun happens after?

6. You love when everyone shows up for your plan

You’re overjoyed when everyone replies with a yes to your plan. Because this way there’s no chance you’ll miss out on anything when it’s your own party!

7. You’re early for everything

Everyone having fun before you reach? Um, what is that even? You definitely cannot handle that. So you make it a point to get there before everyone else arrives.

If you depict traits of above signs, it’s possible you’re in the FOMO zone already. Comment below and tell us!

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