10 Types Of Guys You’re Likely To Spot At A Bar

10 Types Of Guys You’re Likely To Spot At A Bar

Karishma Govil

Weekends are all about recreation that involves mostly heading out with your crew, getting a drink and entertaining yourselves with some good music. But more often than not, it’s the people-watching that really tips the scale in favour of going out versus staying in. Here are a few examples of men you’d find at a bar.

1. The Brooder

This guy has recently been dumped and all he can talk about is how bad his ex-girlfriend was and how heart-broken he is.

2. The Show-Off

He’s the kind that shows-off at every opportunity he gets. His car, the expensive alcohol, or the brands he wears.
Me: What time is it?
Him: It’s Rolex.

3. The Shy One

He’s the one who doesn’t say much. You’ll have to do all the talking. You’re lucky there’s music, else, there would be crickets croaking in the background.

4. The Drunk

He was drunk before he got to the bar. You can’t possible talk to a guy who is slurring and has alcohol breath, can you?

5. The Savage Cleavage

His cleavage is bigger than yours. Damn right, it’s bigger than yours. He’s got the oily hairless chest you could fry an egg on.

6. The One Who is DTF

He’s the one with the sleazy innuendos and obnoxious pick-up lines. Steer clear of this one. He’s got just one agenda.

7. The Energetic Dancer

He’ll just randomly break out in to a dance and might even hit you in the nose if you’re not careful.

8. The Holier Than Thou

He’s the one who doesn’t drink, smoke, dance or live. We wonder what he’s doing at a bar, really. But he’s here. And he’ll make you feel really bad about that gin and tonic you’ve been sipping on. ‘Mamma would never approve‘, is something he’d say.

9. The Unnecessary Sunglasses Guy

There’s always that one guy who sports sunglasses in the middle of the night on the dance floor. The country wants to know: WHY?!

10. Mr. Know-It-All

The one who claims to know everything. From the weather, to what tomorrow’s newspaper headline would be. He’s mostly the talker and barely wants to know your views and probably doesn’t even know what you sound like.

So next time you go out, sip on your cocktail and make sure to notice these 10 characters to entertain yourself with their unique personalities.

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