10 Easy Ways To Help You Get Rid Of That Pesky Body Fat

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‘Fitness’ covers a rather broad spectrum in today’s time. The options to lose weight and body fat vary from intense workouts to extreme diets, but given how everybody lives a very fast-paced life, our fitness sometimes takes a backseat. Often times, we set ourselves up for failure by getting into routines or diets that we can’t follow or keep up with. So does that mean it’s impossible to cut down on body fat? No! It’s actually rather easy if you get into it with realistic goals and a slow and steady approach. Here are 10 steps that could help you achieve those goals.

1. A gentle nudge towards a healthier lifestyle

My morning so far has been one pretty big fail. Firstly I started making cinnamon rolls (because how good are they?) and when opening a new packet of flour I realised it was four months out of date. With no more flour I decide to give it a go anyway, since lots of products are still pretty good after best before dates. But once it came to mixing and kneading it I knew something was wrong. It didn’t feel right. If you’ve made some sort of bread before you might know what I mean, you can usually feel if something is wrong with the dough. I left it to rise in a warm place anyway, just in case my instinct was wrong. It rose but it looked and smelt so weird. The smell was the worst and the most obvious sign it was destined for he bin. Then I tried making pancakes and they were a fail too ? Usually I have no problem with pancakes but clearly today is not my day. Had a few moments of annoyance and irritation but moved swiftly on, threw together a real lazy breakfast of toasted banana bread, cinnamon + peanut butter nice cream (intended for the pancakes) and some fruit and coconut yoghurt. Tasted pretty damn good too! Life is full of mistakes and failures and it is how we deal with those failures that really matters. What’s the point in wasting time feeling bad and angry at myself when instead I can continue on in a positive mood and make the best of the day ahead? ••• Now I have to clean up and make my way back to the kitchen for food prep for the next few days of work. Hopefully that’s my bad luck out of the way and things will go up from here. Photo featuring my turmeric porridge that I had for lunch a few days ago ?

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Waking up one morning and deciding you’re going to be healthy is the best way to set yourself up for failure. The body and mind don’t take well to sudden changes and often times, they respond in ways that prove to be more unhealthy. Although everyone loves quick results, you need to start off slowly and start by chipping away at the things you know you can live without. Then, move towards curbing your calorie intake, etc. and then slowly add exercise to your routine. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

2. Water is essential


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Drink water! Basic, right? Everyone drinks water, but very few people know the benefits of drinking water. Water is a key factor in transporting and burning fat. Additionally, drinking water helps you feel fuller and less likely to binge eat something. Very often, when you feel hungry, it’s actually you feeling thirsty. Do note, that drinking excessive amounts of water isn’t going to help you either, so don’t do the whole ‘liquid diet’ thing.

3. Focus on burning more calories than you consume

While counting every single calorie you consume may be tough, try keeping a track of the larger intakes. Also, it’s important to realise that your body burns calories throughout the day anyway with just your daily activities. So, add in some basic exercises or even a small workout at the gym and it’ll be easy to keep your calories burn at a higher level than your intake. Don’t however, stuff your face and then exercise thinking you’d be able to burn calories. That’s not how it works.

4. Black coffee is your new BFF

Before you head into your workout, however basic, have a cup of black coffee at least an hour or two before you start. Caffeine helps the body rely more on fats for fuel as compared to the glucose to help you power through your workout. It’s important to note that it’s also suggested that you avoid drinking too much black coffee throughout the day as it may negate the fat-burning effects of caffeine.

5. Attempt to cut out junk food

We know, you’ve heard it a million times but cutting out junk food would actually significantly reduce your calorie intake. We’re a generation that wants everything quickly so when it comes to food on the go, junk food is the easiest solution. While cutting it out completely may seem impossible due to its addictive nature, keeping a control over the cravings goes a long way to slowly but steadily cutting it out of our life.

6. Limit sugar consumption

Consuming high amounts of sugar throughout the day creates a storage of fat in your body. We aren’t saying you can’t satiate your sweet tooth ever, but keep a check on it. Consider trying fresh fruits if your cravings are off the roof also consider replacing sugary beverages with alternatives like coffee, green tea, etc.

7. Don’t stop eating!

When people go on a diet or trying losing weight, the first thing they think they need to do is stop eating. That’s a huge no-no. Instead, it is suggested that you have a minimum of five to six meals a day. Break down your otherwise heavy lunch and dinner and spread them out into smaller parts throughout the day. This, in turn, ensures that your body isn’t taking in a boatload of calories at one time and also allows your body time to burn out the calories from the previous meal.

8. Moderation is key

The first part is understanding and setting goals that are reachable. The second one is actually trying to achieve it but in moderation. Completely stopping something too quickly will only make you want that even more. This mostly goes for calories! Avoid any drastic changes in your consumption of calories and take the time to slowly move away from high-calorie counts.

9. Show veggies some love

Vegetables have a high nutrient value and a much smaller calorie count. Which means that these little bad boys are your best bet to help you cut down on those pesky calories. How you choose to take your veggies is totally up to you so whether it’s just a snack or you want to add it to your favorite food, you make that call.

10. Make time and be dedicated

We know, everyone’s busy all the time. But, at some point, you’ve got to make some time for yourself. Even 10 minutes of exercise a day can do the body wonders and make help you move in the right direction. Stop making excuses and focus on what you want to achieve. It’s your body and your mind, so you can control it. Be dedicated and committed to what you want to achieve.

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