If you’re single, and your friends are in-charge of your love life, there’s a major chance they may have suggested (and by suggested, we mean forced) you to download dating apps to ‘give it a shot’. This sort of peer pressure, in our opinion, is worse than any other when it comes to the tedious process of filtering some of the weirdest, creepiest and the most obnoxious men you could ever meet. Here are some kind of men you may have encountered.

1. The Takes-His-Time Guy

This guy will take forever to reply. He’s trying to play it cool. But comes across as not interested.

2. The Too-Many-Questions Guy

He’ll constantly ask you way too many questions. What do you do, where do you live, what are your likes, what are your dislikes, what did you eat for lunch, etc. And he doesn’t stop there!

3. The ‘LOL’ Guy

This guy constantly ‘laughs out loud’. For all you know, he’s actually got the resting bitch face in reality.

4. The Experienced Guy

The one who has been on this app for way too long. He has set questions and conversations that he’s going to have with you. And you just know he’s been doing this for a while.

5. The Slang Junkie Guy

This guy really thinks he’s ‘kewl‘. He uses words like ‘lolz‘ that he thinks will impress you.

6. The ‘And What Else’ Guy

The worst conversationalist ever. He just doesn’t know how to take this forward and awkwardly gets stuck at ‘and what else?’

7. The Deceiver Guy

This guy puts up really good angles of his pictures. That makes him looks good. But you will come across this one picture that’ll tell you how he actually looks. Yikes!

8. The Stalker Guy

With your first name itself, he’ll stalk you on all possible social media platforms. He’ll know your favourite hang outs, your friends, and your family. Eeek!

9. The ‘Entrepreneur’ Guy

We mean unemployed. Most men who put up this term mean they’re not really doing much. It’s a trap!

10. The Name Dropper Guy

Ranveer Singh is his best friend. Did you know that? That makes Deepika Padukone his rakhi sister and Arjun Kapoor his BFF. Don’t fall for it.

So this will give you a low-down on all types of people you might want to swipe left to. Tell us your experiences and dates in the comments!

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