6 Reasons Why The V7+ Infinite Red Is The V-Day’s Gift To End All V-Day Gifts

Alisha Fernandes
The Vivo V7+ Infinite Red Gift Box
The Vivo V7+ Infinite Red Gift Box

If you’re scouring the internet for last minute inspiration for a gift that’s as special as your special someone, we’re happy to tell you that your search ends here. India’s ace designer Manish Malhotra collaborated with tech brand Vivo to create something amazing. Presenting to you the Manish Malhotra Limited Edition Vivo V7+ Infinite Red smartphone. And before you even have a moment to wonder why, we’re just going to get into exactly that. Why is it the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? What’s so special about it? Well, these 6 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Colour Me Red

This limited edition designer phone not only has Manish’s name attached to it but it is also made in the colour of love. The main USP of this phone is its red colour and the fact that it is launched during the season of love makes it even more perfect.

Vivo Infinite Red by Manish Mahotra
Vivo Infinite Red by Manish Mahotra

2. Stylish Design & Packaging

In this high fashion, designer-driven world, where everything you own is labelled, why not add a designer phone to your list. The V7+ Infinite Red is the newest member of the selfie shooter, the V Series, known for their photography features, screen quality an overall design of the products. But what makes it even more exceptional is the fact that is has that Manish Malhotra touch in the form of the beautiful gold heart motif and of course, his signature.

Vivo V7+ Limited Edition Smartphone
Vivo V7+ Limited Edition Smartphone

To make it extra special and perfect for the occasion, other than the love-inspired red, it also has beautifully elegant packaging along with a note from Manish himself, explaining the inspiration behind this phone design. And that’s not all! It has a Valentine’s special greeting card to write down your feelings for your loved one.

3. Selfie Expert

We know that Instagram is life. I mean, did it even really happen if it’s not on the grambruh? And here’s where this phone comes to the rescue once more. The V7+ Infinite Red takes the perfect selfie with its 24MP front-facing camera with it’s Face Beauty 7.0 special selfie mode.

4. Bigger Is Better

The V7+’s 5.99” full view 18:9 display allows you to do everything you’d do on a normal phone, except on a bigger and clearer screen. This means no squinting at your phone to see things.

Manish Malhotra with the Vivo V7+ Limited Edition Smartphone
Manish Malhotra with the Vivo V7+ Limited Edition Smartphone

5. More Space For Memories

This phone is powered with an octa-core processor and has a 4GB RAM. Also, it has 64GB ROM and 256GB of expandable storage. You know what this means right? No struggling, trying to delete precious memories in order to make room for new ones.

6. Privacy Settings On High

Featuring the Face Access technology, this phone provides an easy and convenient way to unlock your phone, whilst also ensuring security from any snoops.

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