Love (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Love (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

It’s that time of the year again. When your loved one expects a lot of TLC. There are many ways to show your love. Here are some of the many ways you can tell them just how much you love them on this special day.

1. Write Them A Letter

Do it the conventional way. Word out everything you feel about them and send the letter across. Make sure it’s hand-written it for an even more romantic effect.

2. Send Them Flowers And Cake

It’s still the most romantic thing, this. Flowers and cake are totally on point for Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is always a go-to for expressing love.

3. Shower Them With Gifts

Pick something they’ve been meaning to get and told you about, but never in a million years expect you to even remember it. It would definitely melt anyone’s heart.

4. Write Them Some Poetry

Get inspired by Rumi and bust out a rhyme. It’s really romantic if someone hands out a personalised poem.

5. Give Them A Hug

Express your love with the most classic way. Hug them and tell them how you feel.

6. Be Direct

Spill those beans. Tell them how you feel by being honest. Everyone loves honesty and will respect you for telling you upfront.

7. Hold Their Hand

Look for the perfect opportunity and go for it. Don’t grab her hand randomly and scare her. But do it in a cute, and sweet way you possibly can.

8. Dedicate A Song To Them

Ask her to put the radio on and get her favourite radio station to play her a song. Tell them to announce your names to make it even more special.

9. Ask Them Out

Man up! Take them to dinner, find the right moment and ask them out. Chances are, she’ll say yes. Considering she’s come out with you in the first place.

You wouldn’t find a more perfect day to express your love than this blessed day. So don’t be afraid, tell them how you really feel.

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