7 Things Every Newlywed Should Be Prepared For

Atmaj Vyas , 15 Feb 2018
Destination Wedding (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Destination Wedding (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Tying to knot anytime soon? Well, of course it’s going to be the best time, but it’s actually a pretty crazy time as well. If you think all you need to focus on is the planning of your big day, you’ve got another thing coming! The reality is that the wedding is only the beginning and you should definitely prepare yourself for other things that married life will bring. Here are some of them that we collated after many conversations with married couples.

1. Change

Things are about to change. It’s kind of obvious, but very few people actually understand the degree to which things will change. From the fact that you’re not going to be living with your parents anymore to having to cope with a whole new way of living, it can be quite overwhelming. So it helps to sit down, take a breather and make your peace with the fact that change is inevitable.

2. Say Bye-Bye To Some Old Stuff

Not everyone has a walk-in closet or a huge and lavish house. So, realistically, you’ve got to kinda cut down your stuff to make space for the other person. Whether your the bride moving into the groom’s house or the groom expecting the bride, both of you need to make space for each other. This usually involves getting rid of stuff you’ve had and adjusting to the inclusion of the other person. While this may sound scary, it’s actually pretty cool when you think about how you’re starting a whole new chapter. We also highly recommend that the couple sort their stuff together, it might actually be a fun way to bond and get over any jitters.

3. From Lovey-Dovey Texts To Did You Get The Bread?

Couples should always share household responsibilities. This is mostly applicable to working couples, who apart from the one-off lovey-dovey message during the day, usually communicate about practical, household-related issues. This doesn’t mean that the romance is dead though.

4. Netflix And Not Right Now

So, this is something that is quite debated. Let’s just put it like this: if you’ve been working all day and you guys come back and sit down to chill, the next step is usually going to be sleep. You barely have the energy to move around and you’re probably going to be more, ‘yeah, not right now’. Sure, there are couples who beat those expectations but statistics say otherwise. Don’t worry though, you could always take a break and head on a mini vacay for some downtime.

5. You’re Probably Going To Have To Live On A Budget

Don’t we all wish that a fairytale wedding came for free? It doesn’t though! The chances are you’re going to spend way more than you anticipated, so prepare to have lighter pockets for a while. The steps forward need a little more planning and random, impulse purchases may have to be on a hold for a while. It’s worth it though!

6. Major Post Wedding Withdrawals

The time leading up to the wedding and the life that begins after the wedding is mostly all you remember. The actual wedding day is a total blur, especially if you’ve had one too many margaritas *wink, wink*. The constant smiling and greeting takes a huge toll on you. Add in exertion and the surreal feeling that the day is finally here and you enter this space of blurred reality.  And before you know it, it’s over and you find yourself looking back wondering what actually happened.

7. So, Have You Thought About Kids?

No matter how much we think we have progressed from the archaic practices, you can bet your life, you’re going to get the dreaded question. For some odd reason, people still believe that the first thing a married couple needs to do is have babies. No! The first thing you should do is figure out your next plan and be calm with all the change and craziness that just happened. But since you can’t stop people from asking you that, be prepared for the dumbest questions.

What are some of the things you think a couple should be prepared for? Let us know in the comments below!

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