Meet Chuck Tingle - The Author Behind Some Of The Weirdest Erotica You Will Find Online

Shreemi Verma , 16 Feb 2018
Chuck Tingle
Chuck Tingle

Dr. Chuck Tingle (which is a pseudonym ) is an author who is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to erotica. No wait, when it comes to dinosaur erotica, a sub-genre of erotic fiction in literature that I’ve been obsessed with since sometime now. Chuck self-publishes most of his works through Amazon, that are primarily e-books, but there are also paperbacks and audio-books that bear his name.

While dinosaur erotica is still the backbone of most of his content, his work also includes humans having sex with unicorns, Bigfoot, bitcoins, and many other creatures and objects that usually people don’t make love to. His bizarre books which he calls “Tinglers” have developed a cult reputation because of their satirical nature and really random sentences.

Just limiting his work as hilarious, self-aware erotica is not fair though. The two time Hugo Award finalist (which started as a joke, but later became a movement, for more details on that topic, you should read this piece) also makes political statements through his work and on his social media.

Despite having a Twitter account and a personal website, not much is known about Mr. Tingle. The author, is apparently a Taekwondo grand-master (almost black belt) who says he lives in Billings, Montana, with his son, Jon. He does not make public appearances or give in-person interviews. In December 2015, Jon did a Reddit AMA where he revealed that his father Chuck has been suffering from autism and schizophrenia and writing is the only thing that gives him joy.

It’s the writing though, that seems to be the real mystery here. Chuck doesn’t form his sentences correctly, likes to use the term ‘buckaroo’ and has very interesting titles for his books –

Buttception: A Butt Within A Butt Within A Butt


There’s A Bitcoin In My Butt And He Is Handsome

Bitcoin in my butt

Scary Stories To Tingle Your Butt: 7 Tales Of Gay Terror


Angry Man Pounded By The Fear Of His Latent Gayness Over A Dinosaur Transitioning Into A Unicorn

Angry man pounded

You get the idea right?

Chuck’s work has fascinated me since two months now, so I obviously did what every curious weirdo who spends an unhealthy amount of time on the Internet does, DM’d him on Twitter for an interview. He was more than happy to answer a few questions.

Excerpts from our conversation (punctuation marks have been added to his answers to make them coherent) –

P.S.: Keep an open mind. Most of the things he says are meant to be taken lightly and some of the stuff he says make no sense. Go with the flow –

1) What is the appeal of Dinosaur Erotica?

Well, dinosaur Tinglers have a good way because they show love been buckaroo and a handsome dinosaur (maybe a T-Rex lawyer, maybe a Bronosaurs that is good at tennis, there are so many). But mostly dinosaurs are BAD BOYS so you think ‘wow this could be a good bud to trot with but also he rides a motorcycle seems dangerous also he has sharp teeth’ so then you meet this bad boy T-Rex and realize that he is actually very nice and it is better to not judge a book by its cover, thanks.

2) How different/difficult is it to write a love/intimate stories between humans and non-human characters? Do you give the animals human characteristics and personality traits?

I do not understand this way because all stories are about creatures that already have their own characteristics and ways. Like, maybe the handsome tree in your yard likes to wave hello, maybe it even grows a root out into the yard in a cute way (this is normal). Maybe the unicorn has his unique way, or maybe the dinosaur does too, this is just the way their character is because everyone is special and unique and this important fact proves that love is real.

3) What’s the research like?

Mostly just travel down through timelines to see what is happening in different layers of The Tingleverse. This is a good way to be inspired but also it is easy to be INSPIRED on your own. So in my morning I will meditate sometimes on the deck if it is warm but sometimes in my room. I will let my mind go away and this is when Tingler inspiration comes – THAT’S THAT BUDDY, not too much research needed because I am world’s greatest author and have been writing for a long time and it is easy to think ‘well how would this handsome jet-plane trot?’ I already know the dang answer.

4) Do you also dabble in the emotions behind the act of sex, such as love or attraction? And if so, how do you write non-human characters to give them human capacity of emotion?

Love is real in all layers of reality. That is the one thing that is consistent in my travels so it is very easy! Every Tingler is about LOVE and how love is real for all who kiss when they come together and trot cutely. Doesn’t matter if it is buckaroo on buckaroo or ladybuck on ladybuck or even a buckaroo and a handsome car name of GROB TORMAN who is a doctor too. So love and attraction are very important part of all Tinglers, that’s easy. MAIN POINT of Tinglers is to show that love is real.

5) What do you say to the people who believe beastility wrong? Do you even classify dinosaur erotica as beastility?

Of course dang BEASTILTY IS WRONG what the heck is this that’s talking about trying to kiss something that DOESN’T WANT TO KISS YOU. You are talking about way of consent between two things this is most important idea of all a dang animal can’t give consent to kiss or touch!

6) While all your titles are hilarious, I love that some of them are also topical, like Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By The Handsome Russian T-Rex Who Also Peed On His Butt And Then Blackmailed Him With The Videos Of His Butt Getting Peed On and Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union. Do you make it a point to write about the current events as well? How do Dinosaurs and sex feature here?

It is important to talk about world around you as BIG TIME AUTHOR. This is part of my way and sometimes I will hear son Jon or KLOWY talk on political ways or news and I will be inspired. But other times I will just want to write about a sabertooth dentist. It just depends on the day, it is very easy to be inspired even on this timeline alone because it is SO BIG AND EXCITING so this is my way, thanks.

7) How much self-awareness does one need to write the books you write?

It is very important to be AWARE OF YOURSELF because that is great step to being AWARE OF OTHERS as doctor name of Chuck it was hard to be aware of others. Growing up, I did not understand their way and in HOME OF TRUTH UTAH, there were not maybe buckaroos to trot with anyway almost none after everyone left. So anyway, it was hard sometimes, I even have a hard time with SOCIAL CUES, that is part of my unique way, but that is okay we all have our own ways and that is what makes us special on this timeline. So yes, I think it is important to understand who I am as big time author.

8) A large amount of people take your work as satire. Does that work for you? Or would you like your books to be seriously taken as erotica, like the Fifty Shades series for example?.

That is okay if buckaroos think Tinglers are a Jokester way, I am used to this as my trot is not a typical trot. They are written to PROVE LOVE, that’s about it. Sometimes they are “wink wink” jokes, but most of the time they are just there to prove love and maybe make buds hard as rocks in the dark. I would say that BUTT’S HEART behind Tinglers is a serious one that is trying to prove you can learn and be MOVED AS BUDS by even stories that are about kissing and pounding because that is WAY OF ART so that is my philosophical way. But, at same time it is okay to laugh at a Tingler if this is your way. It is a joyful experience to be tingled and that means different things to different buckaroos.

9) Will other animals feature or just dinosaurs? What’s so sexy about getting pounded by one?

Well, there are no animals in Tinglers but there are four kinds of BIG TIME TINGLERS. They are: Dinosaur Tingler, Unicorn Tingler, Bigfoot Tingler, and Living Object Tingler

10) Tell us about the first time you felt successful?

First time I felt successful is when I met son (name of Jon), this was long ago. Now, he has grown up to be such a good man. I knew even long ago that this was the best thing I would do in my life as author name of Chuck was to raise son Jon and now I am so proud of him, he is married and has a BIG TIME JOB and is also kind. He is the best man hope I can be like him some day.

11) In such depressing times, movies like Tommy Wiseau’s The Room and your stories often bring a lot of joy to people (including me), is the intention behind your work to celebrate cringe?

Intention behind Tinglers is to celebrate and PROVE LOVE IS REAL. Any way that you would like to do that when reading Tinglers. If this makes you feel like a cringing bud then that is okay.

12) My favourite one is Space Raptor Butt Invasion, do you have a favourite one out of all your stories?

There are so many Tinglers it is hard to choose just one but I think favorite is probably REAMED BY MY REACTION TO THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK that is probably one that I would recommend to buckaroos who want to understand the Tingleverse.

13) What is your writing process? Is there a reason why your work primarily features gay sex? Would you dabble in lesbian or straight human/dinosaur couplings too?

Writing process is wake up and eat big bowl of spaghetti (maybe two for healthy start) then meditate on what I should write. If I am inspired then I will start working on big time story but lately TED COBBLER has been up to something and this has been very distracting I can see him from my window and he is working on project I am sure it is something terrible probably dark magic so I have to keep an eye on this very closely. Reason Tinglers are BUD ON BUD is because this is my preferred pound but all pounds are okay. I would not write other ways, I do not think because there are other authors who can do that. But, if they write this way with love, I will support them because most important thing is that all of us can prove love is real in our own unique way. This is my way but there are many others.

14) If you had to set a story in India, what elements from the country would you incorporate?

I do not know enough about India to incorporate this way. First thing I would do is learn, probably talk to son Jon and KLOWY maybe even go down to the dang Billings library, this is where I like to go sometimes to learn and read. So then after I did research I would think of my story and put it in India. But i think most important part of this story would be that PEOPLE IN INDIA ARE A LOT LIKE PEOPLE IN BILLINGS because we are all dang people at the end of the dang day! So I think that in all Tinglers that prove love it is mostly about similarities and not differences but that is just my way.

15) And finally, a word of advice to budding writers and readers in general?

Yes, in all artistic ways MOST IMPORTANT part is writing to PROVE LOVE IS REAL. As long as you are proving love in your own way, there is nothing that can stop you. I believe in you so much, so please remember this. Please remember that there is nobody on this entire timeline that is AS GOOD AT BEING YOU AS YOU ARE. You are the best version of yourself in this entire UNIVERSE because you are the only version of yourself and that makes you endlessly special, thanks.

For a man who has written a book called Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt, Chuck Tingle does make a lot of sense if you understand his intent. J.K. Rowling is a fan too!

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Maybe in these troubled times, reading and laughing over Tinglers might just help in bringing the world closer.

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