Puppy Running (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Puppy Running (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Doge, puppers, doggo a ball of love, call them what you like, the fact remains that these adorable little guys bring us limitless joy and happiness.  Sure, they are super cute and you could spend hours playing with them, but often times, we tend to misunderstand or not know what they are feeling. So, here are 8 things about dogs that you probably didn’t know.

1. Boop The Snoot

Dogs don’t have fingerprints, but they do have nose prints! A dogs nose is considered to be as unique as a human’s fingerprint. So, the next time your pooch makes a mess, be sure to clean the crime scene of all nose prints!

2. Doggie Dreams

Despite what people say, dogs actually do dream. While smaller dogs tend to dream more, larger dogs are known to have longer dreams. Also, while waking up a dreaming dog, it’s best to not startle it. Slowly call out its name and gently pat them.

3. The Wagging Tail

A common misconception that people have about dogs is that if their tail is wagging, they are friendly. A dogs tail and the position it is in can tell you a lot about its mood. If it’s wagging in a neutral position they’re happy, when they’re agitated, it’s in a higher position and when your dog is scared, it’s lowered. #NowYouKnow

4. Dogs Sweat Too

It’s a known thing that dogs sweat and let out heat through their tongue, but a lesser known fact is that they also sweat from their paws. So if you think your dog is feeling hot, pour a little cold water on his paws.

5. Not Guilty

You may think your dog feels guilty for being bad or doing something silly, but they actually don’t. It is just a reaction to being told off. It’s actually the human brain that perceives this as guilt.

6. Jealousy

While they might not feel guilt, dogs do feel extremely jealous. Dogs are territorial animals and they are also very possessive about their hoomans. Playing with or rewarding another dog for something good could result in the other dog getting jealous. Puppies, on the other hand, don’t care.

7. Calming Floof

In case you didn’t already know, petting a dog has been known to be calming and can also lower high blood pressure. It’s no wonder more and more airports are getting dogs to calm nervous flyers and help them deal with their anxiety.

8. But Why The Grass?

Ever noticed a dog eating grass? Well, that habit actually comes instinctively to them. A dog knows when they have eaten something wrong or they have little indigestion, so they tend to go and eat grass. The grass they eat acts as a binding that helps them with digestion. Mmmm roughage!

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