We all get those insane chocolate cravings, whether it’s a regular mood swing or the monthly ‘I will kill everyone’ PMS. But what we really struggle with is, where to get that righteous piece of heavenly chocolate dessert that will melt our hearts and give us the ultimate foodgasm we all long for at some point during the month.

1. The Rich Chocolate Strawberry Pastry At Deliciae, Khar

Rich white or dark chocolate shavings with fresh strawberries on a soft bed of chocolate cake. Need we say more?

Price: ₹220

2. The Molten Chocolate Lava Cake At Chili’s, Multiple Outlets

Melting hot chocolate oozes out of this cake and tastes heavenly with the combination of chilled vanilla ice cream.

Price: ₹415

3. The Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffle With Cream Cheese Icing At Pranzi, Khar

This rich chocolate cake with cream cheese icing will make your day. Oh, the softness!

Price: ₹250

Baked fresh and is brought piping hot on the table, this choco feast is served with 3 increadible flavours- burnt orange, salted caramel and vanilla bean.

Price: ₹613

5. French Framboise At Parisien Patisserie, Lower Parel

The combination of raspberry and chocolate is a classic one. And this dessert will give your taste buds an explosion of flavour.

Price: ₹235

6. Flourless Gooey Chocolate Cake At Melting Morsels, Bandra

Warm gooey chocolate cake that melts in your mouth. You can’t ask for more when you’ve got that fuzzy chocolate aftertaste. Perfection!

Price: ₹175

7. Opium At Theobroma, Multiple Outlets

The popular choice of a lot of chocolate lovers is this heavenly piece of cake. This has 3 layers made up of dark, milk and white chocolate mousse.

Price: ₹110

8. Marie at Le 15 Café, Colaba

Made with Jaconde sponge with rich chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate. This dessert screams sugar rush.

Price: ₹295

Layers of light chocolate creme and crushed cookies will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

Price: ₹800

10. Churros Poco At Chocolateria San Churro, Multiple Outlets

Classic freshly fried churros with this insanely rich chocolate sauce is just what you need when you’re under the weather or not.

Price: ₹199

Stop drooling, start ordering!

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