Sadly this bad day has a weekly occurrence and there’s nothing we can do about it. Weather your hungover from the excessive partying or just feeling like a lazy daisy, no one really looks forward to Monday. It doesn’t have to be all bad though. You can always add a little giggle and smile to help you get rid of those obnoxious Monday blues. So, here are 10 epic fails that will leave you doubled up with laughter and help you realise that if you’re having one of those Murphy’s Law kinda days, you’re not alone.

1. That’s Not The Bed!

Ahh, don’t we all wish we could just dive-bomb onto our beds? This dude probably had good intentions but maybe a pair of glasses are in need.

2. That’s A Foul!

Just cause the rules say no hands, doesn’t mean you can use your body! Then again, rules are meant to be broken… or flattened.

3. Well, No Need For Family Planning Here

Ouch. That’s all we can say. Whoever talked him into thinking that was a smart idea needs to be hired as a sales representative ASAP.

4. Look Mom, I Can Fly… Oh, Wait!

Face plant extraordinaire. The award for dumb ways to die goes to… random dude.

5. When You See An Opportunity, But Life Has Other Plans

Take a leap of faith, they said. It will be fine, they said. Yeah right, more like a leap of fail (internally screaming)!

6. Fat Kitty, Round Kitty, Little Ball Of Fail…

It’s a cat face planting! What more do you need?

7. Whoopsie!

Be careful while opening the overhead bin. Maybe, in this case, be careful while closing it. In any case, this is what Monday feels like, ain’t it?

8. Blame The Ninja!

It all makes sense now. It’s not me, it’s those damn ninjas. Sneaky little fellas causing fail after fail!

9. Stumbling Through Life

Sometimes, life is like slippery marble and no matter what you do, you’re going to end up on the floor, face first.

10. Cheers!

Party trick 101: Don’t do it.

What was your favourite fail? Let us know in the comments below!

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