15 Abbreviations You Should Know To Stay Relevant

15 Abbreviations You Should Know To Stay Relevant

Atmaj Vyas

Gone are the times when we took the time to write down what we felt. Nowadays, in this generation of texts, DM’s and tweets, everything is about how quickly and effectively you can communicate with one another with the least amount of effort. How and when these abbreviations came into existence, we know not. But, here are 15 such examples of abbreviations that all the ‘cool’ kids are using.

1. BAE

We are almost 100% sure that you’ve heard this a several hundred times by now. In case you’re wondering, it stands for ‘Before Anyone Else’. It’s commonly used to point out ones significant other and sometimes even a best friend.

2. IRL

Considering we live in a digital age, where conversations are mostly over the internet or some app, making plans usually requires the people to meet IRL. It stands for ‘In Real Life’. This word is also commonly used by gamers while discussing their real selves as compared to their cyber counterparts.

3. IMO

IMO is used when a person wants to throw their opinion into the ring. It stands for ‘In My Opinion’. This abbreviation also has another form in IMHO which stands for ‘In My Honest Opinion’.

4. DAE

Because typing out a question is so mundane, we have DAE. It acts as the start to a question and it stands for ‘Does Anyone Else’, usually followed by the question.

5. YSK

Usually inserted when providing context to something, YSK stands for ‘You Should Know’.

6. SMH

One of our favourite ones, this one is usually used to point out something stupid or to show disapproval of something. It stands for ‘Shaking My Head’ which is generally in the context of disappointment.


Since we totally hate typing out full sentences, we have an abbreviation for one. WDYMBT stands for ‘What Do You Mean By That?’

8. TL;DR

TL;DR stands for ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read’, which is probably every sentence or story we read.


We all have those friends who send us gnarly videos and often times when we are at work. If you’re that friend, put a little NSFW so you don’t get them into trouble. In case you’re wondering, it stands for ‘Not Safe For Work’.

10. NSFL

Usually attached to a picture or a video that might scar you for life, this abbreviation shouldn’t be taken lightly. It stands for ‘Not Safe For Life’. Often used as an exaggeration though, it’s usually an indication of something extremely unsettling or disturbing.

11. TBT And FBF

What better way to show the world how cool your life is than a little throwback right? While both of these are similar in the sense they signify the same thing, the only difference is the day, ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and ‘Flash Back Friday’.


This one is used when you’re giving someone the scoop or usually recapping an event for someone. It stands for ‘In Case You Missed It’. What usually follows is juicy gossip! Yay, drama.


On a positive note, here we have something that encourages people to be awesome. It stands for ‘Don’t Forget To Be Awesome’. So the next time you want to sign out, use this one.

14. FTFY

This is a special one for all the ‘Grammar Nazis’ out there, and is used most commonly when correcting something a person said. It stands for ‘Fixed That For You’.

15. FOMO

This one is commonly used to indicate missing something, like an event, travel, food, etc. While not just limited to that, it could also be a sign of envy and is most commonly used on travel posts. It stands for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’.

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