Celebrity Slam Book: We Found Out Ananya Birla's Go-To Destination

Karishma Govil , 19 Feb 2018
Ananya Birla With MissMalini
Ananya Birla With MissMalini

We all know that the 23-year-old singing prodigy Ananya Birla, has carved a niche in our hearts with her voice. She has given everyone career goals with her laundry list of achievements and when she stopped by for a chat with MissMalini, we had a chance to find out about her favourite getaway and why she keeps going back. She told us she loves heading out to Los Angeles every time she gets a chance. Let’s get into the deets.

Her Go-To For Creativity


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She loves LA because her studio and life are based out of there. She loves composing her tunes in her studio. Also, she has a team of writers there too.

The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway


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She doesn’t mind the dry summer weather or the cold windy winters in LA, so she loves to head out at any time of the year.

So Much To Do!


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Since her life is there, she has discovered a ton of good restaurants she likes to go to. She loves the restaurant Ivy at Beverly Hills and she goes there often to unwind.

Gym Is Life

A big punch is on its way.

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Sometimes Ananya visits the gym twice, if she’s got time in her busy schedule. Since it’s right there in the same hotel she stays at, it gets more convenient for her to go often.

Nothing Wrong With Being Touristy


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She recommends the well-known Hollywood Sign back in Beverly Hills. She loves the graffiti walls on the streets too. If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, she suggests to head to Calabasas County where they reside.

She tells us that LA has different parts of it that caters to different crowds. From ghetto to elite, there’s something for everyone. She recommends it for the Hollywood fans out there. Go book those tickets and get exploring. You might get more out of that trip then you thought. Meanwhile, we’ll give you some of her awesome music to listen to while you ponder over this.

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