10 Annoying Relatives That Everybody Has

Atmaj Vyas , 20 Feb 2018

Ahh, the joy of growing up with relatives is one almost every Indian household knows. They come to see you when you are born, they are with you on special occasions and pretty much all throughout your life. Needless to say, with the good comes the bad, or should we say annoying. So, here are 10 such examples of this kind of relatives.

1. The Nosey Aunt

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side, and these ladies sure as hell are on a mission to find out. Often, they are way more concerned about the goings-on in other peoples lives rather than their own. Whether it’s just a bad habit or their need for salacious gossip, they can’t help but poke their nose into everyone’s business.

2. The ‘Let’s Get Wasted’ Uncle

It’s fun to hang out with your family and have a drink. But doing it all the time can get a bit… extra. We all know that one uncle who drinks way too much and then goes on to try and get everyone else wasted. It’s always a celebration with this guy and they usually hate taking no for an answer.

3. The Angsty Stoner Cousin

These guys are usually the self-proclaimed loners of the family. With their angst of not fitting in and their mostly morbid personality, they rarely make for good conversation. The most you’ll get outta them is ‘Do you have any paper bro?’

4. The ‘I Promise I’ll Pay You Back’ Cousin

Permanently broke and definitely never paying you back is what would best describe this guy. At times you kinda want to help cause you feel bad, but then you realise that giving them money is equivalent to jumping aboard a sinking ship. Most times, you feel like screaming ‘get a job’ at them, but it usually has no effect.

5. The NRI

They moved abroad, live there, but still find a need to come back here and compare everything. These guys are usually in a permanent state of dissatisfaction and no matter what, can’t be pleased. Everything is subpar compared to their lifestyle abroad and they will make sure you know it, by constantly repeating the same shit over and over again.

6. The Tattletale

Ever made secret plans with cousins for a rager, only to find out that everyone knows about it? Welcome the tattletale. This sneaky little one usually blurts everything out and just can’t keep a secret. Either way, you’ll pretty much have everyone slyly looking at you and taunting you after that.

7.  The Goody Two Shoes One

They are usually the ones you get compared to the most in the family. Their holier-than-thou attitude can sometimes be pretty pissing off.

8. The ‘In Your Face All The Time’ Cousin

We all know that one cousin who completely lacks boundaries and doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. Their constant need for attention and hyperactive behavior gets on your nerves. If a chill pill really existed, you know who you’d be giving a whole packet to.

9. The Long Lost Relative

No contact for 15 years and then suddenly, out of nowhere, boom! They are all up in your face, chatting with you as if you’ve been BFFs for all this time. Apparently, since you’re family, it’s all good.

10. The ‘But We Are Family’ Relatives

Probably the most annoying of the lot. These guys are a pure annoyance and push the whole ‘family’ thing to the limit. Often times, it’s just self-serving though, ‘coz they are also the ones to quickly turn their backs on you when the going gets tough.

Who do you think is the most annoying kind of relative? Let us know in the comments below!

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