The power of social media has brought us closer to our fave Bollywood personalities like never before. We have gone from drooling over their posters to getting a sneak-peek of all their daily activities. Now we have access to their BTS team too. Yup, we’re talking about the glam team that is behind their every look.

If celebrity beauty looks are something that you would love to double-tap, then here are some handles you should be following:

1. Namrata Soni

2. Elton J Fernandez

3. Shaan Muttathil

4. Mickey Contractor

5. Sonic Sarwate

6. Arti Nayar

7. Subbu

8. Puneet B Saini

9. Shraddha Naik

10. Daniel Bauer

11. Adrian Jacobs

12. Pompy Hans

13. Kapil Bhalla

14. Lekha Gupta

15. Kritika Gill

16. Sandhya Shekar

17. Loveleen Ramchandani

18. Kaajee Rai

19. Ajay Shelar

These are some of the amazing artists working BTS and giving us all the beauty goals. Which one of these are you already following?

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